There should be mechanisms and policies to encourage production and consumption of biodegradable plastic

On April 16, 2021, at the Inter-agency of the Southern Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment cooperated with the Vietnam Association for Clean Water and Environment to hold a seminar on “Production policy mechanism and use biodegradable plastic to protect the environment ”.

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Cong Thanh (center), Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Water and Environment Nguyen Linh Ngoc (right), Mr. Hoang Van Thuc – Deputy Director of Vietnam Environment Administration (left) chaired the workshop.

The workshop provides essential and accurate information about biodegradable plastic in the context that many products labeled eco-friendly self-destructing packaging are being sold more and more in the market with low quality. guaranteed; at the same time, creating a forum for dialogue and exchange of issues on policy mechanisms, market trends, the impact of the revised Law on Environmental Protection and the economic context under the Covid-19 epidemic. the production and consumption of biodegradable plastic and solutions to remove difficulties for businesses, improve the management efficiency of these products in the coming time.

At the seminar, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Cong Thanh said: Each year, the amount of plastic waste produced by humans is enough to cover 4 times of the Earth’s surface area, of which 13 million tons of plastic waste. is poured into the ocean. Vietnam is currently one of the countries that suffer the most consequences from plastic waste in the world, especially marine plastic waste.

Facing the harmful effects of plastic waste, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has organized many propaganda and propaganda activities in the residential community to raise awareness of using plastic products; encourage businesses to invest in plastic waste recycling, in which, support the application of new production and business technologies, especially models of environmentally friendly production of items, from recycled products. to create safe and high quality products, with preferential policies on land tax, investment in recycling technology, and use of domestic materials.

Specifically, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has consulted and submitted to the Prime Minister for promulgation of Directive No. 33 / CT-TTg in 2020 on “Strengthening, managing, reusing, recycling, treating and minimizing plastic waste”. Accordingly, many specific targets and measures have been introduced to minimize plastic waste, and implement resource circulation.

Most recently, the revised Law on Environmental Protection in 2020 has specified many new policies to strengthen the management of plastic waste, marine plastic waste and regulates the responsibility of manufacturers and importers in collecting recovery and recycling of products and packaging according to required proportions and specifications ”.

Introducing the concept of bio-plastics, the impact of bio-plastics on the environment, some quality standards on biodegradable plastics from countries around the world, bio-plastic labeling standards in Europe, but impact on the environment and the ability to recycle bio-plastics, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Le Hung Anh – Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Environmental Management, City University of Industry. Ho Chi Minh affirmed, bio-plastic contributes greatly to the cause of environmental protection such as reducing CO2 emissions into the environment, saving resources … Assoc.Prof. Dr. Le Hung Anh suggested, Vietnam should have bio-plastic labels according to Vietnamese standards to encourage businesses to boldly invest and participate in the production of bio-plastic packaging.

Outlining the difficulties and difficulties in producing and bringing environmentally friendly plastic bags to the market, Mr. Nguyen Van Ha – Director of Thanh Phuong Packaging Company, said that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment issued the Circular 07 has created a push for manufacturing businesses to have more power to produce environmentally friendly plastic bags. However, in addition to difficulties in policy mechanisms, the Company is also faced with fierce competition from poor quality products that are spreading in the market.

Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Hoa- Vice Chairman of City Women’s Union. Ho Chi Minh City said: fully aware of the role and significance of environmental protection, the Association held propaganda and mobilization for the people to raise awareness, responsibility and self-awareness of members and women at The Association at all levels aims to drastically change the awareness of members, women in particular and the general population in general. At the same time, the Association also regularly organizes seminars and seminars on environmental protection, limiting the use of disposable plastic bags and packaging.

To remove difficulties for the eco-friendly plastic manufacturing industry, Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Hoa proposed: The Ministry of Industry and Trade and relevant Ministries have specifically directed the time and roadmap to gradually reduce the production of plastic bags. difficult to decompose to encourage the use of self-destructing plastic bags.
Proposing relevant authorities to guide and supervise the implementation of Resolution No. 579/2018 / UBTVQH14 dated April 26, 2018 of the National Assembly Standing Committee on tax collection on plastic bag production, according to the Direction of the Prime Minister approves the Project to strengthen control of environmental pollution due to the use of persistent plastic bags.

The Ministry of Science and Technology widely publicizes benefits, environmental indicators that are specifically affected when easily degradable plastic is discharged into the soil. On that basis, the Women’s Union at all levels will have more information channels to promote communication for the people.

Representing the business that uses many self-destructing plastic packaging products, Ms. Le Nguyen Bich Trang – Saigon Co-Op – said that the business now has more than 1,000 retail outlets across the country. Following the direction of the Government, ministries, branches, and enterprises, they have seriously implemented and directed all retail outlets to use self-destructing and environmentally friendly plastic packaging. However, businesses are also facing many difficulties because the cost of environmentally friendly packaging products is more expensive than conventional packaging. Every year, businesses use more than 1,000 tons of packaging to serve consumers, without the support of state management agencies, the understanding of consumers, the business will be very difficult. .

Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Water and Environment Nguyen Linh Ngoc suggested: It is necessary to adjust Circular 07/2012 / TT-BTNMT dated July 4, 2012 to suit with reality. Along with that, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment considers issuing the certificate of environmentally friendly plastic, building domestic laboratories to test products to reduce costs and time for businesses. At the same time, it is necessary to promote propaganda to raise awareness of the people to understand the great effects of bio-resin for a green, clean, beautiful environment.

Representative of the Vietnam Plastic Association suggested the Government, especially the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Science and Technology, should have specific regulations on the use of bio-organic rates in packaging production.

At the seminar, delegates gave recommendations around solutions to solving problems and problems of self-destructing plastic production and distribution enterprises; environmental issues related to product quality and life cycle; mechanisms, policies and standards for biodegradable plastics, so that businesses can feel secure to invest in production.

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