The smartphone helps young people to work and create inspiration

As a generation sensitive to trends, young people take advantage of technological equipment to create, experience living and working in a new, distinctive way.

The Galaxy Note20 and the Galaxy ecosystem show that technology plays a key role in transforming and creating a more new life experience for young people.

shifting work trends

Nowadays, working from a distance or a mobile office is becoming a popular concept with young people. The emergence of powerful but compact devices like the Galaxy Note20 profoundly changes the way young people work and create.

Instead of sticking to their desks, Millennials can go out and find inspiration and jot down new ideas that come to mind with the S Pen. Thanks to the ability to convert handwriting to text, write drawings on photos, PDF files and share them instantly, signing contracts or sending designs remotely becomes easier.

When working in the office, Galaxy Note20 also creates great advantages for young people. Samsung DeX allows to quickly connect Galaxy Note20 to a large screen, turn smartphones into computers, and replace bulky laptops when needed. Through Air Actions, you can easily control professional remote presentation slides with the S Pen.

New inspiration for creativity

The professional camera cluster and versatile S Pen stylus on the Galaxy Note20 become a new inspiration for young people to unleash their creativity. In addition to hand-painting on images to create many unique effects, you can freely make many cinematic-standard movies thanks to the 8K resolution video modes, slow-motion, time-lapse … Practice is a great assistant to help you own videos with eye-catching, unique effects.

Cinema standard camera cluster on Galaxy Note20.

Young people who love professional photography can apply the 50x zoom, one-touch capture feature or delete fonts on the Galaxy Note20 to make “cool” photo sets. Some images of the city at night appear in the graduation project, or the society of young people, made with the Galaxy Note20 without the need for additional professional light equipment.

Galaxy Note20 supports young people constantly creating interesting and inspiring products.

Complete life with Galaxy ecosystem

Samsung’s mobile ecosystem is not only encapsulated in smartphones but also a cross-cutting experience created by phones, wireless headsets, smart watches, tablets …

Sports believers can connect Galaxy Note20 with Galaxy Watch3 to track exercise performance and health indicators, blood oxygen, sleep quality, reminders to drink water …, and listen to calls and messages. message on watch without phone.

The Galaxy ecosystem synchronizes both features and design.

For those who love mobile entertainment, the Galaxy Buds Live headset is a great assistant. Some vloggers can use this headset to activate the recording microphone, which supports better audio recording when recording video with the Galaxy Note20.

If you want to increase productivity, the tablet Galaxy Tab S7 is the choice. Users can write and draw manuscripts with the S Pen on the tablet while chatting, enjoying weekends at cafes in the city.

Young people enjoy completely new living and working experiences thanks to the Galaxy ecosystem.

The cohesion between the user and the technology becomes closer. By bringing modern devices and building a diverse ecosystem, Samsung offers seamless and complete experiences, from work and entertainment to personal care.


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