The slowest animal in the world but can swim extremely fast

“God” does not take anything from anyone, if you lose something, you will be given another, like the animals in the story below.

Sloths, scientifically known as Folivora, live mainly in the tropical forests of Central and South America. The defining feature of this species, of course, lies in its speed of settlement and activity. According to biologists, sloth is the slowest mammal on the planet.

Most herbivores will supplement other energy sources with nutritious foods, rich in minerals such as seeds, fruits… Particularly for sloths, because they are too lazy, they just need to eat leaves. This makes their metabolic rate very low, leading to sloths developing only about a quarter of the muscle groups compared to other animals.

The calmness with everything around makes many people think that they are slow to evolve and lag behind the development of other animals.

But this is the evolutionary method of this animal to limit nutrient consumption as much as possible.

Whether on land or in the water, sloths still keep a cheerful face.

Moving slowly helps sloths save a lot of energy, compared to other mammals, sloths use up to 90% less energy. Moreover, being slow, lazy to move is also a secret weapon that makes this animal difficult to detect. It is easy to spot sloths so slow that predators like jaguars and eagles, which focus on the movements of their prey, will not easily spot them.

Sloth is also a special animal when it can turn its head 270 degrees due to the extra vertebrae in the neck. This allows them to sniff out predators coming from almost any direction. This is an especially useful advantage when they spend almost all of their time immobile in trees.

If you fall into the case of being hunted by predators, the maximum speed that a sloth can achieve can only be up to 4m / min, that is, if you are chased, stop giving up your life as soon as possible. run hard.

With such a leisurely lifestyle, the question many people wonder is whether sloths can swim or not? Anyway, this animal does not find food in the water, it seems that swimming and wading is quite unnecessary for sloths.

Long arm span is an advantage that helps sloths swim faster.

In fact, it is quite the opposite, sloths not only can swim but are also excellent athletes. According to the scientists’ explanation, perhaps because the effect of gravity under water is reduced, allowing sloths to float on their own instead of having to drag through the trees.


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