The secret inside the Murray T.50S supercar has a compression force of up to 1.5 tons

The super product Murray T.50S In fact a race-specific variant and developed on the basis of the Murray T.50, a very famous British high-performance car. The special thing on the Murray T.50S variant is that it can withstand the compressive force down to the road surface up to 1,500 kg and helps the car to eliminate the maximum wind resistance, creating extraordinary strength that is difficult to have. can do itAccording to the famous designer Jason Fenske, the secret helps The new generation of Murray T.50S It is possible to do so thanks to the vehicle equipped with a huge rear fan system, which is learned from F1 racing models.In fact, bringing a giant fan system to a supercar is something that happened and specifically the Brabham BT46B. However, for a number of reasons, this particular model was banned from circulation by the FIA ​​(International Automotive Federation).It is known that the fan system on Murray T.50S has a rotating speed of about 7,000 rpm.When in operation, it exerts enormous pressure up to 1,500 kg. This detail combined with many other aerodynamic components help Murray T.50S easily become “unmatched” in the world of hyper car.In addition, Murray T.50S can also generate a rotation force equivalent to 2.69G with the use of normal tires or up to 3.2G with the condition of using special tires for racing.This also means that the Murray T.50S also generates significantly greater revs than the two names, including the Viper ACR with 1.5G on normal tires or 1.8G with specialized tires and Senna GTR with 1.84G with normal tire or 2.2G when using special tire.In terms of transmission, Murray T.50S uses a naturally aspirated 3.9-liter V12 engine that produces more than 720 horsepower. Price for new Murray T.50S about 4.1 million USD (excluding tax). According to some sources, half of these have already been subscribed.Video: Detail of the Murray T.50S supercar with a capacity and a large wind wing.


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