The Residence Phu Quoc is aimed at high-end customers

The Residence Phu Quoc is located in the center of Bai Truong, including 74 self-contained villas, meeting the needs of high-end resorts.

Phu Quoc currently gathers more than 300 projects with a total area of ​​nearly 11,000 hectares, occupying most of prime coastal locations, of which most are resort apartments, hotels, shops, villas …

According to the representative of Corporation Urban Infrastructure Corporation, the development of Phu Quoc market requires investors to think differently to develop projects, to meet the strict requirements of resort living space. Gu enjoys the life of the upper class, the living standard is no longer limited to external material values, but also includes personal factors, artistic appreciation, and privileged enjoyment. life in harmony between nature.

“At the same time after Covid-19, the high-class customers pay more attention to the quality of life and health factors, choose the houses in the middle of a peaceful green place”, the representative of Urban Infrastructure Corporation Corporation share.

The Residence Phu Quoc is located in the center of Bai Truong, invested and developed by Urban Infrastructure Corporation of Corporation. Perspective photo: HTDT Corp.

Inspired by the “foreign land” space isolated from the outside, The Residence Phu Quoc is a closed villa complex deployed by Urban Infrastructure Corporation Corporation. The project is aimed at potential customers looking for a luxury “second home” type, aimed at experts, business leaders, long-term investors …

The Residence Phu Quoc is a true masterpiece space, a missing piece of Phu Quoc.

The Residence Phu Quoc has an area of ​​126-488 m2, designed in the Spanish architecture. HTDT Corp.

With the scale of 31,000 m2, The Residence Phu Quoc villa complex includes 74 villas with area from 126-488 m2. The project is designed in the style of luxurious Spanish architecture, the high and wide craft dome, the corridor leading to the veranda, the exclusive terracotta roof. Each villa has a courtyard around the house designed as a miniature garden with full color, helping future residents enjoy a quiet, fresh, harmonious space with nature.

The Residence Phu Quoc is located on a billion-dollar street in the heart of Bai Truong, convenient for residents to move to administrative centers, airports, seaports and important tourist sites on Ngoc Island. The project is also located near famous luxury hotels such as Intercontinental, Pullman, Park Hyatt …

Prospective owners delight in enjoying the different nuances of the natural scenery, breathing fresh air right in the garden.

Each villa owns a courtyard designed as a miniature garden. Perspective photo: HTDT Corp.

From the porch, prospective residents of The Residence Phu Quoc only take a few steps to reach the utility area including Club house with swimming pool, BBQ garden, coffee shop. The inner area of ​​the project also has a commercial center, movie theater, organic garden, fitness and yoga area with 360-degree view, mountain back, sea view.

“We expect that the prime location and unique design will bring The Residence Phu Quoc to catch up with the development trend of Ngoc Island, helping residents enjoy a worthy life with investment opportunities and sustainable profits”, said the investor’s representative.

Ha Thanh

Project information The Residence Phu Quoc:

Investor: Corporation Urban Infrastructure Corporation
– Address: Bai Truong, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province
– Website:
– Hotline: 0976163690
– Sales Representative: PQR Real Estate Service Joint Stock Company
– Hotline: 0987345678


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