The reason Apple “forced” users to update to iOS 15

Apple no longer allows users to update security patches on iOS 14 version.

Released in September 2021, iOS 15 is the latest operating system version from Apple at the moment. In this latest update, Apple announced that it will provide iOS 14 security patches for users who do not want to update to iOS 15. However, now Apple is going against its word when it does not. allows iOS 14 users to update security patches.

Specifically, users are required to install the latest version of iOS 15 to receive security patches. Previously, those who did not want to update to iOS 15 could choose the iOS 14 version with the latest security patch. Now, Apple has removed that update and left only the option to update to iOS 15.

Explaining this action, it is possible that Apple is still not satisfied with the number of iPhone devices updated to the latest version. According to statistics from Apple’s homepage, the percentage of iPhone devices updated to iOS 15 version accounts for 63% and 49% for iPad devices. Having too many devices running different versions can make software development more fragmented and time consuming to be compatible. Therefore, if the devices are running the same iOS version, it will bring greater synchronization and efficiency.

Some information mentioned this may just be a bug in the software update system on iOS because Apple has not released a security patch since October 2021. So far, the company has not said anything on this matter. However, if you are an iPhone user and want to install the latest security update, you are required to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 15.


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