The “Prince” of Da Nang – 16 years old, was given more than 20 billion VND by his father to the McLaren 720S

Recently, information about a 16-year-old Da Nang youth was given by his father at the same time 2 Ferrari 488 GTB and super cars The expensive McLaren 720S Spider has caused a stir on social networks. However, after the learning process, the truth behind this story will have many surprising details.

This McLaren 720S Spider convertible supercar has returned to Da Nang to settle down after nearly a year of rolling in Saigon

Initially, this young man’s father was a famous domestic mutant player, decided to buy a Ferrari 488 GTB supercar for his son on his 16th birthday, however, in the process of finding out, McLaren 720S convertible supercar The yellow spider returned to this 16-year-old Da Nang youth team.

Although he did not give the reason why he chose to buy a yellow McLaren 720S Spider convertible supercar for his son, it can be seen that this father was quite willing to play when it was estimated that he had to spend tens of billions of VND to buy the McLaren 720S. Spider gave his son a driver license in Vietnam.

It is known that in Vietnam there is only one yellow McLaren 720S Spider convertible supercar, if in the white sea, price rolling McLaren 720S Spider in Vietnam must be over 20 billion. Other types of sea will be “softer” prices.

If the number plate is white, this McLaren 720S Spider supercar is priced at no less than 20 billion VND

The most recognizable difference between the McLaren 720S Spider and the McLaren 720S is that the carbon fiber hard top of this supercar takes only 11 seconds to open or close the hood. The hard top of the McLaren 720S Spider supercar still works well even when the wheelchair is wheelchair, however, McLaren requires customers to ensure the speed of the car is below 50 km / h.

The new McLaren 720S Spider supercar to Vietnam is still equipped with a V8 petrol engine block, a twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter capacity, producing a maximum capacity of 710 horsepower and a maximum torque of 769 Nm. Power is transmitted to the wheel through a 7-speed sequential automatic transmission, so the convertible version of the McLaren 720S is capable of accelerating from the starting position to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds.

There is only one McLaren 720S Spider with a shiny yellow color in Vietnam

McLaren 720S Spider convertible supercar also only needs 7.9 seconds to accelerate from 0-200 km / h before reaching a maximum speed of 341 km / h similar to the Coupe. However, when turned into a convertible supercar, the McLaren 720S Spider can only reach a maximum speed of 325 km / h.


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