The Prime Minister called on commercial banks to share difficulties and contribute more actively to the economy.

Speaking at the meeting, the Prime Minister recognized, praised and appreciated the contributions of the State Bank, commercial banks and the entire banking industry in the cause of national construction and defense, as well as prevention work. , anti-epidemic, recovery and socio-economic development over the past time.

The Prime Minister congratulated the commercial banks participating in the meeting for doing good business in the recent context, sharing with the difficulties and challenges that the banking industry and commercial banks have encountered while fighting the epidemic, while doing social responsibility and maintaining business operations.

The Prime Minister thanked banks for their active and important contributions to the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic in terms of vaccines, drugs, equipment, and medical supplies, demonstrating a very high social responsibility in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. when the country is facing difficulties and challenges, with the traditional sentiments and noble human spirit, the principle of “good leaves protect torn leaves”, the more difficult and challenging, the more unity and unity of the nation ta.

Over the past time, our country has achieved very respectable and positive results in terms of stabilizing the macro-economy, controlling inflation, ensuring great balances, fighting recession, promoting promote growth, recovery and development, we are still in control of the situation. However, difficulties and challenges are great and more than opportunities and advantages, such as inflation pressure is still great, the risk of supply chain disruption, market shrinkage…

The Prime Minister called on commercial banks to share difficulties and make more positive contributions to the economy, people and businesses.

In that context, the Government and the Prime Minister resolutely direct the SBV to implement prudent, sure, flexible, effective monetary policy, and coordinate closely, synchronously and effectively with fiscal policy. Reasonable, focused, efficient expansion.

The Prime Minister proposed that the State Bank and commercial banks contribute to the effective implementation of the above policy, and at the same time sent suggestions and calls to commercial banks to participate in the meeting, with two main messages: emphasize.

Firstly, banks strive to reduce costs, strive to reduce interest rates, lending costs, share difficulties and risks, support businesses and customers and the economy in a very difficult context. current challenge.

Second, banks are more active in participating in policies, programs and socio-economic development plans of the Party and State, especially credit for housing development for workers. , low income people.

Emphasizing the viewpoint of “harmonizing benefits, sharing risks”, balancing interests between the State, people and businesses, the Prime Minister stated that banks operate in a common ecosystem of the economy. ; If the country has stability and development, the people are happy and prosperous, then the banks will develop sustainably. People and businesses are an important part of the ecosystem of the banking industry.

“We can’t live alone, go alone, it is said that if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. Banks exist and develop as they are today thanks to internal efforts.” But also thanks to our country firmly defending independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, maintaining a peaceful environment, cooperation, stability and development, implementing the right integration and foreign policy. If the economy is not stable and developed, and people’s lives are not guaranteed, banks will not be concerned or secure. and difficult to develop”, the Prime Minister shared with leaders of banks.

The Prime Minister assigned the SBV to develop mechanisms and policies for banks to voluntarily and voluntarily participate in and implement the Prime Minister’s proposals and calls, in the spirit of promoting business ethics and social responsibility. society and affection for the homeland, the country and the people, ensuring the implementation in a methodical, unified and effective way, the people, businesses and the country benefit, without affecting the macroeconomic stability spreading the noble spirit of humanity to the whole society.

The Prime Minister once again expressed his wish that commercial banks share with the Party, State and people, creating new resources and development strength, because the country has a strong, prosperous and warm people. If you are happy, then the banking industry can develop.

At the meeting, representatives of commercial banks expressed their support and high agreement with the Prime Minister’s statement and affirmed that they will make efforts and actively contribute to the implementation of these proposals of the Head of Government. Some proposals and recommendations for the banking system to operate and develop strongly, safely and stably.

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