The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Health to study 6 opinions of scientists on fighting the Covid-19 epidemic

On September 23, the Government Office announced the conclusion of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the meeting with the the scientist on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

At the meeting, scientists made many very valid suggestions on epidemic prevention and control. The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Health to study and absorb 6 groups of opinions of scientists and experts to continue to improve measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

Scientists recommend implementing isolation and social distancing as quickly as possible, at the smallest possible scale – Photo: Ngo Nhung

The first is the implementation of isolation and social distancing as quickly as possible, at the smallest possible scale with flexible and flexible solutions.

The second is rapid testing, which must be faster than the spread of the virus in high-risk, very high-risk areas; Proactive testing responds to epidemiological investigations in at-risk areas (yellow zone), new normal (green zone) to detect F0 quickly, promptly classify, isolate, monitor and treat edema. effective, efficient.

The third is to treat actively, promptly, early, remotely, right at the facility, so that the patient can access medical care as soon as possible.

Fourth, the implementation of a radical, safe and effective vaccine strategy must ensure scientific requirements in the context of vaccine scarcity (priority is given to people aged 50 and over, people with underlying diseases, people exposed to much…).

Fifth, people’s awareness of epidemic prevention and control is very important; must propagate and mobilize to raise people’s awareness, especially in proactively and voluntarily implementing and complying with epidemic prevention and control measures; epidemic prevention is fundamental, long-term, decisive; Good prevention is not anti-epidemic).

Sixth is to ensure social security in a timely manner, with the right subjects.

At the meeting, many scientists agreed that it is impossible to control the epidemic absolutely, so we agree, it is necessary to adapt safely and flexibly to the epidemic; It is necessary to take appropriate measures and steps to “adapt safely and flexibly” or “live together” with the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health needs to absorb the opinions and urgently research, clearly define the criteria of safe adaptation, flexibility, controlled safety adaptation; disease control criteria…

The Prime Minister asked scientists and experts to continue researching, commenting and criticizing the epidemic prevention and control work. In the immediate future, have comments on the draft of the Ministry of Health on tasks and solutions to safely and flexibly adapt to the epidemic, a step-by-step roadmap to return to a new normal state in localities, and send it back to the Ministry of Health. to complete the tasks, solutions in accordance with the situation development.

Timely reward scientists and experts

The head of the Government requested the Ministry of Health to promptly propose the encouragement and commendation of scientists, experts, medical teams, doctors, nurses and technicians with achievements in their work. epidemic prevention and control.

At the same time, urgently assume the prime responsibility for, and together with relevant ministries and branches, to review and propose perfecting appropriate mechanisms and policies for scientists, experts and medical staff.

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