The Prime Minister asked to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the viewpoint “anti-epidemic like anti-enemy”

According to Notice No. 89 / TB-VPCP, the conclusion of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the Standing meeting of the Government on Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, the Prime Minister request all levels, branches, organizations and individuals to continue to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the viewpoint “anti-epidemic like fighting the enemy”, putting the interests of the nation, the nation, the health of the people and the community first. to be calm and discerning, proactive and creative, actively and seriously implement effectively prescribed epidemic prevention measures; in which focus on implementing some content.

The Prime Minister asked all levels, branches, organizations and individuals to ensure the following objectives: Moderate epidemic prevention and control, effectively overcome, develop socio-economic, ensure security, national defense and security. safety, people security and political stability, especially in epidemic areas and with borders with neighboring countries; ensure security and safety for the election of the XV National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels on May 23, 2021; strive to achieve the highest level of socio-economic targets in 2021 assigned by the National Assembly.

The Prime Minister asked to inspect, urge and step up the continued strict implementation of the instructions of the Secretariat, the Prime Minister, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, and other regulations and guidelines. of the Ministry of Health; absolutely not satisfied with the achievement; not subjective, indifferent, off guard.

Provinces and cities: Ha Nam, Hung Yen, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces and cities detected cases of infection urgently, fast tracing, fast zoning, immediate quarantine, to actively treat the epidemic and put the epidemic out of control, soon stabilize the situation and psychology for the people; organizing sampling and testing on a large scale; determined not to let the epidemic spread quickly.

The Prime Minister asked the above-mentioned localities to be proactive, ready, fully equipped, facilities, equipment, drugs, materials, and biologicals for testing according to the 4-spot motto; closely coordinate with health, defense and police agencies to ensure urgent, timely and absolute prevention of epidemic prevention activities.

Localities promote the role of the community Covid prevention team, going every lane, knocking on house by house, checking each object; mobilize synergy, the participation of the local political system, support and participate in epidemic prevention in the locality, especially the exemplary pioneering of leaders at all levels, branches and localities. .

The provinces and centrally-run cities immediately implement measures requiring mandatory wearing of masks when leaving the house and strictly comply with the 5K requirement of the Ministry of Health; tightening the implementation of anti-epidemic measures at units and establishments in the area, especially at medical establishments, schools, production establishments, markets, supermarkets, airports and bus stations. , public places crowded with people, on public transport, industrial parks, factories, enterprises; resorts, hotels, accommodations, religious worship facilities, and events where people gather …

The provinces and centrally-run cities continue to carry out proactive screening, testing on a large scale for cases with symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, respiratory tract inflammation and other at-risk cases. infection in the community.

Chairmen of People’s Committees at all levels, based on local conditions and epidemic situation in the area, actively, flexibly and creatively apply effective and suitable epidemic prevention and control measures to realize the “dual goal” medium. Socio-economic development both ensures safety for epidemic prevention and control and takes responsibility according to their functions and duties to decide tasks and solutions, especially in prevention, fighting and overcoming. effective translation of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Health directs the units to closely coordinate with the provinces and cities: Coordinate with localities to urgently, speed up the implementation of traceability, detection, isolation, zoning, thoroughly handling Translate; proactively support coordination, organizing the implementation of testing on a large scale and promptly assisting localities in treatment, especially in cases of severe illness or beyond the local capacity. The Ministry of Health continues to urgently direct the organization of the purchase, production and good implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine vaccination to ensure the coverage of vaccination in the locality, to prevent interruption of vaccination. quickly implement vaccination with a feasible and effective roadmap for the people.

The Ministry of Health actively finds vaccine sources in the spirit of stronger, more proactive, proactive and timely direction; Access to more sources for the sake of the nation, the nation, the interests of the community and the people. It is strictly forbidden to allow corruption, waste, group interests, and negativity to occur.

Ministries: National Defense, Public Security, Health, Provincial People’s Committees according to their assigned functions and tasks, urgently direct, review, inspect and closely monitor the process of implementing medical isolation, absolutely not. to occur infection in segregated establishments and from isolation facilities to the community; suspend operations for violating establishments and places, fail to comply with regulations and fail to meet epidemic prevention requirements.

The Prime Minister asked to reorganize, strictly and effectively control the quarantine facility, treat and strictly follow the process of handing over and receiving cases of completion of isolation to the locality to implement the next regulations. The local government is responsible for ensuring the quarantine requirements of the quarantine and organizing the implementation, closely monitoring home and accommodation isolation and taking responsibility in accordance with the Party’s regulations and the laws of the Government. state if an epidemic-related incident occurs.

The forces continue to strengthen the direction of the control of border lines, roads, waterways, strictly manage immigration and immigration, preventing illegal border crossing; strictly handle violations according to law provisions, promptly publish them on the mass media.

Ministries and agencies: Information and Communication, Health, Vietnam Television, Voice of Vietnam, Vietnam News Agency, media, news agencies, and newspapers continue to communicate, communicating on epidemic prevention and control so that people are not subjective, indifferent, and vigilant about strictly complying with the 5K requirement, not letting panic situations appear before the new epidemic; encourage the implementation of voluntary medical declarations, vaccination against epidemics, notification to authorities of cases of illegal entry, suspicion of disease or departure from epidemic areas.

The Prime Minister assigned Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Head of the National Steering Committee to assume the prime responsibility for; The Ministry of Health develops a set of standards and criteria on the risk, level of infection, when there is an epidemic and assigns specific responsibilities to the heads of agencies, units and localities based on criteria. actual criteria, criteria, conditions and situation to decide the tasks and solutions for epidemic prevention and control and socio-economic development.

The Prime Minister calls upon the entire people of the country and overseas Vietnamese expatriates to take the benefit of each individual, community, nation, nation, and self-discipline to seriously and effectively implement the regulations. regulations of competent authorities on prevention and recovery of consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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