The online community called for the rescue of Hai Duong agricultural products that had been congested by the Covid-19 epidemic

Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, many agricultural products of farmers in Hai Duong province such as cabbage, kohlrabi, carrots, tomatoes, guava … until the time of harvest, are accumulated, being unable to sell or export abroad leaves farmers in a difficult situation.

According to statistics, in Hai Duong province, there are 4,087 ha of winter-crop vegetables coming to harvest with an output of about 90,767 tons, mainly onions 55,902 tons (80% for farm preservation, 20% for processing in the province); carrots 26,766 tons (90% for export, 10% for domestic consumption); Cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower, leafy vegetables of all kinds 8,100 tons (30% for export, 70% for domestic consumption) should be consumed.

In Hai Duong province, there are 4,087 ha of winter vegetables coming to harvest with an output of about 90,767 tons.

Faced with this situation, a number of people stood out to urge people to buy support, gather applications and move to Hanoi. The price of agricultural products being sold is very cheap, making everyone feel a little pity and love for farmers in the current situation. Guava Thanh Ha is only 50,000 VND / 10kg, kohlrabi 40,000 VND / 20 pieces, cabbage 35,000 VND / 10kg, carrots 70,000 VND / 10kg or 10kg tomatoes are only priced at 50,000 VND.

Ms. Ha Phuc Anh, a representative of a group of agricultural products rescuing in Hanoi, shared that out of her feelings and grief with farmers, she and her group of friends late on February 18, posted a call to rescue agricultural products in Hai Duong. Immediately after that, the article received a great response from the online community, a large number of people shared (shared) the article and supported ordering via facebook, phone messages …

Individuals calling on people to support the consumption of agricultural products in Hai Duong province. (Screenshots)

“At first, I only planned to do small work, helping people as much as it was good, but I could not think the spread would be so great. Up to now, the number of orders is more than expected, so our team pauses to do well, but it will be very dangerous to continue to receive. After returning the goods, they will continue to deploy the next round “, Ms. Phuc Anh shared.

After 17 hours of opening the application for rescuing agricultural products, by 15:00 on February 19, Phuc Anh’s group temporarily stopped receiving the first round, gathered statistics for the Hai Duong bridgehead to transport goods to the gathering points in Ha. Cabinet. Ms. Phuc Anh said that after the goods were transferred, they would transfer the goods to shippers to the buyers’ hands or the focal point in agencies and apartment complexes, to avoid crowding, spread disease.

“Our team used all the relationships they could support to do things, like getting a free delivery truck. 3rd row will be up. We are thinking of a vehicle that has to go at night to limit crowds. Goods, cargo vehicles will fully implement sterilization procedures in accordance with medical procedures. I will consult with the health care provider for the best way to do it, ”said Ms. Phuc Anh.

The articles calling for the rescue of Hai Duong agricultural products received a great response from the online community (Screenshot)

Similar to Ms. Phuc Anh’s group, these days, friends in Hai Duong of Ms. Hien (in Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi) also continuously post selling vegetables and fruits for only a few thousand VND per kg. .

“I have just called on my neighbors in the apartment to buy them together to facilitate a shipping company. Recently, there are also some supporters, 5-10kg less buyers, 20-30kg buyers more. Selling a lot or not, but now each person has a hand, adds a little or a little bit of it, helping to quickly sell agricultural products for people who have difficulty with translation, “Hien said.

Similarly, just ordered 10 kg of kohlrabi, 10 kg guava for 90,000 VND, Ms. Lan Anh (in Ngo Si Lien, Dong Da district, Hanoi) shared: “The epidemic is suffering, economic hours also suffer. heavy damage. I can buy agricultural products at a cheap price but I am not happy, but I really love Hai Duong farmers in the current situation, ”said Lan Anh.

Faced with the difficult situation of agricultural consumption in Hai Duong, a number of trading and distribution enterprises participated in “rescue”. Accordingly, Central Group Company and BigC system have actively purchased and sold agricultural products and foodstuffs for farmers to distribute in the retail system.

The MM Mega Market system also proposed to coordinate with Hai Duong in coordinating with producers, businesses and farmers in the province to purchase and transport agricultural products from Hai Duong province to consumers in other provinces and cities in order to “rescue” the existing amount of agricultural products in the province.

Currently, although it is not possible to solve the whole large amount of agricultural products in Hai Duong, the participation in rescuing agricultural products of enterprises and individuals is also considered a bright spot in rescuing Hai Duong agricultural products during the period. this difficulty.

Hai Duong agricultural products are difficult to consume because Covid-19: The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to be removed( – The Ministry of Industry and Trade requests the distribution units to increase the purchase of agricultural products from Hai Duong, helping to partly sell the amount of agricultural products in this province.

According to VOV


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