The new Kia K8 2022 “revealed goods”, compared with Chinese cars

More than a week ago, Kia released the first official images of the K8 2022. This is also the new generation of the old K7 full-size sedan. Up to now, paparazzi in Korea have suddenly caught New Kia K8 2022 on the street in no disguise.In this image, All-new Kia K8 parked next to the old generation K7. Compared with the K7, the Kia K8 2022 possesses a larger size. Accordingly, the Kia K8 2022 is 5,015 mm long while the corresponding figure of the old K7 is 4,995 mm. The wheelbase of the car reaches 2,900 mm and the weight is 25 kg lower than the Kia K7.Not only longer, the Kia K8 2022 is almost transformed compared to the K7 and designed in a bold style. Accordingly, the car owns a grille with no surrounds but integrated into the front bumper, providing a neat feeling. In addition, the grille also comes with a unique diamond-shaped mesh. Likewise, the LED daytime running lights cum turn indicator lights located on the front bumper are also diamond shaped, reminiscent of a cloud of stars.On the side, the Kia K8 2022 is equipped with aerodynamic ribbed stamping lines, extending from the front fenders to the taillights. Kia claims that the body of this large sedan is inspired by the image of yachts running on calm water. And yet, on the side of the car there is a chrome brace that extends from under the door up to the taillights. Like its cousin Kia Sorento, this large sedan also features a fish-fin trim in the third window. This metal detailing comes with a diamond pattern like the grille and front bumper.Behind, the Kia K8 2022 is equipped with a Y-shaped rear lights connected to each other, embracing the fenders and located just below the tail spoiler. This taillight design has been compared by many to be similar to the Chinese sedan Bestune B70 launched in September last year. Add to that two rectangular exhaust pipes, connected by metal trim.Inside, the Kia K8 2022 has a luxurious interior space that is no less luxurious than the Hyundai Genesis car. Kia’s luxury sedan is equipped with a large curved screen on the dashboard. This is a combination of the 12.3-inch digital dashboard display and infotainment screen.According to some sources, the digital dashboard of the new Kia K8 will have a different interface, depending on the engine used by the vehicle. Next is the touch screen air conditioning, gear switch, 2-storey dashboard and a new 3-spoke steering wheel, with a design similar to the Genesis GV70 Sport 2021. On the steering wheel will appear a new Kia logo. In addition, many details inside the Kia K8 2022 are also covered with luxurious wood such as the dashboard, the center console and the area below the screen. Separate seats and doors are covered with Nappa leather, stitched in the shape of a seal. Meanwhile, the rear seats will feature heating and cooling.In the Korean market, the Kia K8 2022 will have 4 engine options. The first is a 4-cylinder gasoline engine, naturally aspirated, 2.5L capacity, producing a maximum capacity of 198 horsepower. The second is a 3.5-liter petrol engine that produces a maximum capacity of 300 horsepower. Third is the hybrid powertrain with turbocharged petrol engine, 1.6L capacity with a total capacity of 230 horsepower. Finally, the engine uses LPi liquefied fuel with a capacity of 3.5L and a maximum capacity of 240 horsepower.Except for the hybrid version, all engines of the new Kia K8 use an 8-speed automatic transmission. Expected, sample Kia K8 2022 sedan will be officially launched in the Korean market at the end of March this year as rivals Hyundai Grandeur and Toyota Avalon.Video: Introducing the all-new Kia K8 2022.


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