The most expensive river in the world, gold is mined for hundreds of years but more and more

All human civilization originates from rivers because there are all the conditions for the development of life. However, in Canada there is a very special river, its difference is not in its length, nor in its magnificence, but it is the most expensive river in the world.

This river is called Klondike River, located in the Yukon territory of Canada. The Klondike River has an extraordinary origin. One of the birthplaces of the Indians, with a total length of 30 km.

The area is mild year-round and has lush vegetation, the Klondike River has only one flow, is part of the great Yukon River that originates in the Arctic. Unlike rivers originating from the Arctic that are very cold, the water of the Klondike River is cool all year round, and the scenery on both sides is like spring.

At the bottom of the river there is a lot of gold, from gold dust, gold bullion, gold nuggets. There is a gold mining town in Canada called Bonanza. There are nearly 200,000 people who have been searching for gold here for a long time, many new millionaires are born.

The Klondike gold rush peaked between 1896 and 1899 with the movement of 100,000 gold diggers. Before that, when local miners discovered gold in August 1896, the news immediately spread to Sealtle and San Francisco, creating a “resurgence” of fever.

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It is said that when the gold mining town was abolished, the Klondike River was mined for $6.8 billion in gold. This data is 1950 data, and most of this gold was purchased by the United States. The gold here also ran dry for a while, but miraculously, it recovered after that.

With the development of science and technology, many survey technologies have been updated, a lot of gold and some other minerals have been discovered in the Klondike River.

On this bank of the river, a lot of precious metals have been discovered, although the reserves are not proven but in short, there will be no less, the Canadian government has ordered that people who go there are not allowed to bring any kind of metal. except gold.

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Now, there are still many people looking for gold in the Klondike River, but there are also many who think that because they know there is gold here, most governments are mining it themselves and will not inform the world, very likely It is possible that the reserve here is not much, so it is used for tourism development.

The surrounding Klondike River is also very beautiful, such a large-scale free ecological reserve is really rare in Canada, and there are people here who actually go to collect gold every day, so this is still very attractive and attractive. Tourists come here every year.


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