The Ministry of Health requested a review of the medical equipment value

Specifically, the Ministry of Health has issued Directive No. 22 to the Directors of the Department of Health of the provinces and centrally-run cities, the health management agencies of the ministries and branches to request to review the equipment put into the joint venture. Links are on-going in public health units across the country. If detecting that the medical device is not clear about the origin or origin, it must immediately stop the contract with the partner, report to the competent authority and propose a solution.

At the same time, it is necessary to review the prices of medical equipment that have been put into joint ventures or associates, in case of detecting that the prices are not suitable, the contract, financial plan of the project must be considered and adjusted immediately. the price of the service.

The directive also stated that the inspection process must carefully review the plan of cost, collection level, and time of capital recovery for medical equipment installed by investors in the form of joint venture or association. Through a review, if you find that the capital recovery time is faster than the signed contract, you must promptly adjust the time, check the division rate or reduce the service price accordingly to ensure the benefits of the patient.

In case assets have expired joint venture or association under the signed scheme and contract, the property must be handled in accordance with the Law on Public Asset Use Management. In case of detecting any violations, they must be strictly handled according to law provisions.

In addition, the Ministry of Health also requires units engaged in socialization activities to pay attention to the public listing of the list and price of services from joint ventures, associates and on-demand services. at the unit (on the website of the unit) for the patient to know and choose.

At the same time, to clearly explain to the patient and agree to pay the difference between the price of technical services paid by the social insurance agency and the price of medical examination and treatment from the activities. joint venture, association, and on-demand service approved.

Ha My

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