The Ministry of Health issued detailed instructions for tightening the management of people after centralized isolation

On 5-5, the National Steering Committee for the prevention and control of epidemic Covid-19 issued the Telegram No. 597 / CD-BCĐ on the strict implementation of the regulations on concentrated isolation and management after the end of centralized isolation for prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Ministry of Health – the standing agency of the National Steering Committee – recommends that ministries, ministerial-level agencies, governmental agencies and the People’s Committees of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government continue to grasp the spirit of anti-epidemic level. highest vigilance, not be subjective, neglectful; attaching responsibility to the heads of localities and units in implementing Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control activities.

Nhu Nguyet 2 Hotel (Yen Bai) – where 5 cases of Covid-19 were found with a new variant in India, of which 1 was a hotel receptionist infected by an Indian expert.

The isolated concentrated areas must have enough cameras to monitor the isolated people

The Ministry of Health proposes to strictly abide by the instructions of the Politburo, the Secretariat, the Prime Minister, the National Steering Committee and the Ministry of Health on the strict management of entry into Vietnam. Male; intensify the direction, inspection and supervision, strictly handle violating organizations and individuals in implementing centralized isolation, handing over after the end of isolation and managing after concentrated isolation at homes, accommodation and other relevant documents on immigration management.

The Chairman of the People’s Committee of the province or centrally-run city directs the strict implementation of centralized isolation for at least 14 days for inbound persons according to the current regulations and management and monitoring of health at home, where stay for the next 14 days following the end of concentrated isolation.

Review facilities in segregated areas to ensure close supervision of people who are quarantined; In concentrated isolated areas, there must be enough cameras to monitor isolated people implementing Covid-19 epidemic prevention measures according to regulations, surveillance cameras must be operated continuously, connected to the surveillance system. appointed by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

To rectify the organization of hand-over, pick-up and reception of persons who have completed concentrated isolation to their accommodation according to the provisions of Official Letter 425 / CV-BCĐ dated January 19 of the National Steering Committee on guiding handover and management after centralized isolation.

The Ministry of Health officially issued detailed instructions on management of people after centralized isolation - Photo 2.

The Ministry of Health requires tightening regulations on the management of people after centralized isolation

What should people do after completing focus quarantine?

Persons after completing centralized isolation must commit to implementing epidemic prevention and self-monitoring measures at home / accommodation; At the same time, they must proactively notify the local health agency of the place of residence immediately upon their return from the isolated concentrated areas.

They must use information technology applications to monitor epidemic prevention performance during their home or stay health monitoring.

Along with that, must make daily health reports to local health officials. If there are signs of fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, fatigue, chills, loss of taste, immediately refer to the medical facility for prompt management instructions as prescribed.

Not allowed to leave the house or accommodation; If forced to leave the house or residence to work or perform other necessary work, it must be reported to the local police or health and strictly follow the 5K recommendation (mask – distance – no practice medium – disinfection – medical declaration) of the Ministry of Health; do not gather, go to crowded places.

In case it is necessary to move to another locality, the agency or unit receiving experts (for experts) or Vietnamese citizens must notify the Centers for Disease Control of the province or city where the accommodation is staying in advance. notify the Centers for Disease Control of the destination province or city to continue to manage and monitor the health according to regulations.

Testing for SARS-CoV-2 virus must be performed on 7 days (from the end of concentration isolation date). If the test result is negative, continue monitoring as prescribed until full 14 days; If the test result is positive, quarantine at the medical facility as prescribed.

The Ministry of Health officially issued detailed guidance on management of people after centralized isolation - Photo 3.

The Ministry of Health checks the quarantine area for the person related to a Covid-19 patient- Photo: Le Hao

The Ministry of Health requests the People’s Committees of provinces and cities to direct the Department of Health where centralized isolation is conducted to prepare a dossier including a list of people completing the concentrated quarantine (phone number or / and email, address to residence) and photocopies of relevant documents such as decisions or confirmation of completion of isolation, test results as prescribed, travel plan for handover (in many forms: via text, email. ..) to the Department of Health of the province or city where the quarantine person is admitted to complete the quarantine and focuses on the locality of residence and residence and confirms the handover.

“In case there are not enough documents for handover, confirmation of handover and relocation plan, they will not accept isolation to the locality where they stay” – stated the telegram.

Direct local health authorities to monitor, monitor health and take samples for SARS-CoV-2 virus testing for humans after completing the required centralized isolation.

Strengthen the activities of community Covid Organizations, mobilize the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations to monitor and supervise the implementation of anti-epidemic requirements for those who have ended centralized isolation. accommodation in the locality.

The Steering Committee for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 provinces and cities regularly checks the implementation of centralized isolation at least 15 days / time / facility …

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