The Ministry of Finance submits to the Government to establish a Covid-19 vaccine fund

Following the direction of the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Ho Duc Phuc has just signed the report of the Ministry of Finance to submit to the Government for consideration and approval of the establishment of the Covid-19 vaccine fund.

The report, if it is clear, before the Covid-19 epidemic situation is still very complicated in the world; implementing the conclusion of the Politburo and the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee on the policy of purchasing Covid-19 vaccines for the people from the state budget and other lawful financial sources, the Government issued implementing Resolution No. 21/NQ-CP on purchasing and using Covid-19 vaccines, which stipulates that funding sources for implementation include: State budget sources guaranteed according to state budget decentralization; aid, sponsorship, support from domestic and foreign organizations and individuals and other lawful capital sources; sources are voluntarily paid by organizations and individuals using vaccines.

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According to calculations by the Ministry of Health, it is expected to buy 150 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to vaccinate about 75 million people, with a total funding need estimated at 25.2 trillion VND. In which: the cost of buying vaccines is about 21 trillion VND; the cost of transportation, preservation, distribution and organization of vaccination is about 4.2 trillion VND.

Regarding funding sources to buy vaccines, the central budget is expected to allocate about 16 trillion dong, to ensure for objects under central management and to support local budgets in difficulty; The local budget spends and mobilizes contributions from businesses and organizations about VND 9.2 trillion. Especially when the epidemic lasts for a long time, the annual demand for vaccines will increase, the cost of buying vaccines is large, if only relying on the state budget, it will be difficult to meet the epidemic prevention goal for the entire population.

The Ministry of Finance said that in the context of difficult state budget balance, in order to effectively mobilize and use funding and support from domestic and foreign organizations and individuals and other lawful capital sources to buy Covid-19 vaccine, the establishment of the Covid-19 vaccine fund is very necessary to meet the urgent requirements of epidemic prevention and control, speeding up the progress of accessing to buying and importing vaccines to deploy vaccination. on a large scale for the people.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Fund has the function of managing and coordinating the Fund’s financial resources for sponsoring, supporting the purchase and use of Covid-19 vaccines. This fund operates not for profit, uses capital for the right purposes and in accordance with the provisions of law, ensuring publicity, transparency, thrift and efficiency. The Fund will be subject to the inspection, inspection and audit of financial activities by state management agencies in charge of finance and State Audit.

The Fund is entitled to mobilize donations and sponsors for the Fund; receive, manage and use grants, support, voluntary contributions of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals and other lawful capital sources to support and finance activities of purchasing and Use the Covid-19 vaccine as prescribed.

The Covid-19 vaccine fund will implement the regime of accounting reports, finalization and financial disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Accounting and the guiding Circular of the Ministry of Finance. The Fund is responsible for making reports on revenue, expenditure, and financial settlement of the fund in order to generalize resources to report to the Government and National Assembly in reports on the socio-economic situation and the state budget; publicize the mobilized amount, list of sponsoring organizations and individuals, contribution, content and amount spent, remaining fund balance (if any) – Ministry of Finance affirmed.

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