The Ministry of Finance has not yet advocated building a law on taxing real estate

This afternoon, in a statement issued, the Ministry of Finance said that there is currently no policy to develop a draft Law on taxing real estate.

In a document dated February 24 to ministries, branches and localities, the Ministry of Finance mentioned a number of contents to evaluate and review a number of Laws, according to the tasks assigned by the Prime Minister to assume the prime responsibility. Specifically, in that document, the Ministry mentioned whether “to combine the Law on Agricultural Land Use Tax and the Law on Non-agricultural Land Use Tax and add tax on houses, study and develop a property tax law or not. movables”.

However, in a statement released on the afternoon of March 14, the Ministry of Finance confirmed that there had not been “any policy” on the development of a separate law on property tax.

Explain more with VnExpress, a representative of this agency said, the review of laws, including the policy of real estate tax collection, is part of the periodic assessment program under the direction of the Prime Minister. If localities and ministries have opinions on taxing houses, studying and developing property or real estate tax laws, the Ministry of Finance will summarize and report them.

Based on the opinions of ministries, sectors, localities and international experience, the Ministry of Finance said that it would summarize and re-evaluate these two laws and then propose solutions to improve the property tax policy. The reform of the law will ensure the consistency of the property tax policy system and place it in the overall reform of the tax policy system in the 2021-2030 period.

Taxation on houses and real estate is an issue that has been mentioned many times by policy circles and experts. National Assembly Chairwoman Vuong Dinh Hue in September 2021 also suggested Thanh Hoa to pilot a property tax (housing tax) policy in urban areas.

In 2017, the Government proposed a pilot property tax (housing) in Ho Chi Minh City when applying for a specific mechanism for this locality, but encountered many mixed opinions. Therefore, this policy to date has not been implemented.

In 2018, the Ministry of Finance also issued a draft Law on Property Tax to submit to the Government with the goal of regulating high-income groups, improving the efficiency of house and land use, and preventing waste and loss in public asset management. , public housing. However, this policy was later not approved by the authority and at the same time received many objections from the public. Many people think that, if enacted, this tax law will hardly achieve the goal of regulating the income of people with many houses, but it will affect the poor, who have only one house.

Currently, the majority of experts agree that it is time to tax houses and properties in the context of a hot real estate market and high housing speculation. negative impact on the real estate market and the economy in the context of difficulties because of the pandemic.

In addition to the tax policy related to real estate, the Ministry of Finance is also developing an assessment outline and proposing amendments to other tax laws including the Law on Natural Resources Tax, the Law on Environmental Protection Tax, and the Law on Personal Income Tax. Law on Export Tax and Import Tax.

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