The Minister of Health spoke out about the scarce supply of Covid-19 vaccine

Regarding the supply Covid-19 vaccine, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long said that in the past time, with great efforts in the vaccine strategy, especially actively implementing vaccine diplomacy, Vietnam has received more than 80 million doses of Covid vaccines. -19.

However, accessing the Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam as well as many countries around the world has not been able to produce the vaccine itself, facing many difficulties.

Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, there are 3 main difficulties in accessing the supply of Covid-19 vaccine. The first is the legal issues related to the purchase, sale and import of vaccines. “We have to accept most of the conditions that vaccine suppliers offer such as reimbursement agreements, disclaimers, confidentiality of information and also risks associated with incorrect delivery. deadline,” he said.

The second is that the global shortage of vaccine supplies from the beginning until now is still happening. Currently, even the COVAX mechanism has not achieved the vaccine supply plan for countries, including Vietnam.

The third is that countries change their policies in vaccination such as expanding the subjects of vaccination, giving booster shots to the 3rd dose, so there is an adjustment in the vaccine supply policy that makes Vietnam also affected according to the regulations. .

“Even in this October, although we plan to receive vaccines in large quantities, the supply is not guaranteed. It is mid-October, but we have only received 20% of the vaccine volume. compared with the plan” – Minister Nguyen Thanh Long information.

According to the Minister of Health, over the past time, the Government and the Prime Minister have continued to give very drastic instructions to speed up the search for the supply of Covid-19 vaccine for Vietnam.

Regarding the current speed of Covid-19 vaccine vaccination, Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said that in recent times, the Ministry of Health has continuously given instructions to speed up the vaccination schedule.

The Minister of Health spoke out about the scarce supply of Covid-19 vaccines - Photo 2.

Vaccinate people for Covid-19

“We have been organizing the largest vaccination campaign in history at more than 12,000 injection points in all provinces and cities, including both fixed and mobile injection points. The Ministry of Health has continuously organized it. training, training, online conference, inspection and supervision with localities to urge the implementation of vaccination campaigns on the principle of speeding up coverage of the first dose. , then compensate for the 2nd dose for those who have received the 1st dose until the deadline. Therefore, the vaccination rate in our country is currently at a high level compared to many countries in the world, there are days when it exceeds 1. million doses per day,” said Mr. Long.

According to Minister Nguyen Thanh Long, the speed of vaccination is decisive for opening the economy and bringing life back to normal, so the Ministry of Health has continuously recommended localities to speed up vaccination.

“If a locality is slow to vaccinate, the Ministry of Health will deliver the vaccine to a locality with a required injection speed,” the Health Minister said.

According to data from the Covid-19 Immunization Portal, so far, our country has vaccinated more than 57 million doses of the vaccine, of which about 17 million are the second injection.

The Minister of Health spoke out about the scarce supply of Covid-19 vaccines - Photo 3.

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