The legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen died of cancer

Eddie Van Halen burned on stage when he was young – Photo: GETTY IMAGES

According to CNN, information was announced by Wolf Van Halen – son of Eddie Van Halen – on October 6. “He’s the greatest dad – Wolf Van Halen wrote on Twitter – Every moment I share with him on stage and in real life are precious gifts. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from death.” This cool “.

His son said Eddie Van Halen died after “a long and difficult battle with cancer”.

Legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen died of cancer - Photo 2.

Legendary Eddie Van Halen

His wife, actress Janie Liszewski, expressed at the death of her husband: “You bring true light to your life, that is our son, Wolfgang. Through his challenging treatment with the root. Lung cancer, he still retains that beautiful spirit and that mischievous smile.

I’m grateful that Woftie and I were able to hug you until the end. See you in the next life “.

Eddie Van Halen and his wife married in the year 2009 but have been together for 40 years, since 1980.

Legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen died of cancer - Photo 3.

Eddie Van Halen – Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Eddie Van Halen was born in 1955. He is a Dutch American, full name is Edward Lodewijk Van Halen. Since childhood, he has performed music with his brother Alex Van Halen.

After meeting singer David Lee Roth, they co-formed the band Van Halen in 1972. Eddie was the leader. After four decades, the band released 12 albums (many of them platinum) and sold sold-out tours.

Legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen dies of cancer - Photo 4.

Eddie Van Halen when he was young

Van Halen is credited with “restoring hard rock to become the front line of the music scene”. They are also known for the explosive and talented live performances by lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

In particular, Eddie Van Halen is not only a talented and inspirational guitarist, the sheet New York Times noted that he is also a talented musician, producer and keyboardist. His most famous works are Jamie’s Cryin ‘, Can’t Get Away from You, Beautiful Girls, Unchained, Mean Street, So This Is Love ?, Little Guitars …

The newspaper called Eddie Van Halen the guitar master of rock music.

Legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen dies of cancer - Photo 5.

Legendary Eddie Van Halen


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