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In 2020, FrieslandCampina Vietnam (FCV), the corporation that owns the Dutch Lady brand, announced the mission of “For a Vietnam to rise beyond”. This is considered a transformation of this group after 25 years of active operation in Vietnam.

With two modern factories in Binh Duong and Ha Nam, FCV owns many brands that are familiar to Vietnamese consumers such as Dutch Lady fresh milk, Friso formula milk, Fristi nutritional drink, Yomost drinking yogurt. Perfect and Longevity condensed milk. Every day, 4 million products from these brands are used by Vietnamese. The dairy industry development program implemented by this group has supported more than 30,000 Vietnamese farmers to produce milk materials that converge all conditions in terms of quantity, quality and safety and hygiene.

On the new journey, this group continues to work side by side with the Government, consumers and business partners in Vietnam to promote committed activities on an increasingly large scale and with an increasing number of beneficiaries. more and more.

In 1995, FrieslandCampina invested directly in Vietnam through a joint venture with Protrade Corporation (Binh Duong). This is one of the first European enterprises to pour capital into Vietnam, in the context that the milk market in the first phase of opening is still in its infancy and not yet developed. With two modern factories in Binh Duong and Ha Nam, this group has contributed to creating a foundation for the Vietnamese dairy industry, improving knowledge of dairy farmers and providing the market with quality products. From spontaneous farmers, these households have now become a link in the global supply chain of the group and the Dutch Lady brand with full knowledge and techniques of dairy cow breeding according to Dutch standards. Lan.

During 25 years of perseverance with this activity, FCV has carried out more than 12,000 training sessions, technology transfer, and experience sharing from Dutch experts and farmers, in parallel with providing services. free health care for dairy cows, farm management services. The program has also created jobs for more than 7,000 people in rural areas, developing dairy herds to 35,000 heads.

FCV’s contributions to socio-economic development have been recognized by the Vietnamese Government and consumers. Outstanding is the First Class Labor Medal, honored in Top 10 famous brands, Top 10 sustainable businesses, Top 100 businesses contributing to the state budget, Asia’s Best Workplace award and many awards. Other rewards.

Achievements for the Vietnamese dairy industry and enterprises come from the solid construction of three main pillars of activities: socio-economic and environmental. This is also the continuation direction of FrieslandCampina Vietnam with the mission of “For a Vietnam to rise beyond”.

This mission consists of three focuses on activities towards the community and the environment and continues to accompany the farmers in Vietnam. Accordingly, this group continues to be a pioneer in value creation with tens of thousands of dairy farmers in Lam Dong, Long An, Tien Giang, Tay Ninh, Binh Duong, Cu Chi, Soc Trang, Ha Nam, Vinh. Phuc … created fresh, clean milk according to Dutch standards, providing nutrition for millions of Vietnamese consumers.

Through the Dutch Lady brand, FCV and the Ministry of Education and Training signed a long-term strategic cooperation with a total investment of 55 billion VND in 5 years, the school year 2020-2021 alone has an investment of 11 billion VND. The goal is to educate and ensure nutrition for Vietnamese children, creating a solid foundation for future generations to excel.

Specifically, the cooperation program includes activities: educating to raise awareness, forming nutritional and physical habits for primary school students, building a nutritional corner to provide knowledge about nutrition regimes. balance, monitor the progress of the children’s height and weight development, build standard playgrounds to launch the physical training movement at primary schools. During the five years of implementation, it is expected that 1,250 nutrition corners, 65 playgrounds will be built and more than 1.5 million students from 1,500 primary schools will benefit from the program.

In terms of environmental protection and sustainable development, the group strives to create an efficient and sustainable production chain through activities such as reducing fossil fuel use, reducing CO2 emissions, economical use of water resources … In 2019, FrieslandCampina is one of the founding members of the Packaging Recycling Alliance (PRO Vietnam) with the aim of promoting a circular economy in Vietnam, especially in the recycling packaging sector.

From the beginning of the year until now, FCV has realized the goal of accompanying development with the community through a series of practical activities joining hands with the whole country to prevent Covid-19. FCV has supported the front line to fight against epidemic milk and cash products worth two billion dong. Notably, Dutch Lady brand has deployed a series of front-line support programs to combat epidemics, share economic difficulties with consumers, in order to accompany the community to overcome the epidemic. The “quick response” contributions show this enterprise’s commitment to accompanying Vietnam through ups and downs to truly stand tall and outperform.

According to Mr. Berend Val Wel, this group has spent a quarter of a century in Vietnam. With the global business philosophy of “Nourishing from nature”, over 25 years of operation here, the company has built the foundations of nutritional standards, improving the living conditions of farmers and implementing sustainable development activities.

Based on these foundations, the new mission with three deployment focuses will continue to drive the market toward more sustainable growth and nutritional enhancement for future generations.


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