The iPhone is about to catch up with Android phones in terms of internal memory

The iPhone 13 could be the company’s first mobile device to come with 1TB of storage, something many Android phones had before.

Over the past few years, consumers have tended to choose phone models with larger storage, especially Apple fans. To meet this demand, Apple is planning to equip the iPhone 13 with 1TB of memory (more than 1000 GB).

According to research by Counterpoint ResearchOn average, mobile users’ memory needs surpass 100 GB by 2020, meaning that each person will need more than 100 GB of storage on their phone on average. The figure at Apple is 141 GB and Huawei is 150 GB.

With the higher price segment, Apple used to be a leader in the memory segment over Android devices.

However, the company decided to stop at 512 GB on the iPhone 12, so it has fallen short of the competition, as the storage size of Android devices has steadily increased since 2018.

From 2019 to 2020, Apple’s 123 GB models outperformed models with lower memory capacities. Sales of 64 GB models have dropped 1 percent in the same period. However, the sales of the iPhone 11, XR and 11 Pro Max 64GB models have partially offset the loss.

There is a high chance that the tech giant will drop the 64 GB version of the iPhone 13 and release 1 TB of memory for the first time. 128GB capacities have gradually become the standard for the mid-range and high-end mobile market.

According to the survey of 9to5Mac, 70% of readers think that iPhone 13 with 1 TB of memory is too unnecessary, while 12% of readers will definitely buy and 11% have not decided yet.


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