The highest dose of Covid-19 vaccine “made in VN” was given to 20 volunteers

On January 12, the first 3 people (all female, aged 20-22) were tested with the highest dose of Covid-19 ‘made in VN’ Nano covax vaccine (75 mcg).

This is a dose 3 times higher than the first shot of vaccine (today 17.12.2020). After the first 3 people, on January 14, 17 more volunteers received the vaccine, with the same dose of 75 mcg / injection. Volunteers will give 2 injections, 28 days apart. All volunteers after the test injection need to be monitored continuously for 72 hours at the Clinical and Bioequivalence Center (Military Medical Academy). After that, when they returned home, they continued to be monitored by researchers and local health workers.

Military Medical Academy is a unit approved by the Ministry of Health to conduct a clinical trial study on Covid-19 Nano covax vaccine, assessing safety, immunogenicity, and appropriate injection dose. The study was implemented in 3 phases, expected to be completed this year. In phase 1, 60 volunteers, divided into 3 groups, were given Covid-19 vaccine with three injections: 25 mcg, 50 mcg and 75 mcg. This phase is expected to be completed in March. Currently, the Military Medical Academy is recruiting 500-600 volunteers to participate in the vaccine trial injection for the second phase of the clinical trial, which is expected to be implemented by the end of March this year. The results of the study are important data for the Ministry of Health to allow Covid-19 vaccine to be circulated and administered to the community.

* On the afternoon of January 12, the National Steering Committee for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 announced that 5 new Covid-19 patients were imported. These are the 1,516 – 1,520 Covid-19 patients in Vietnam, isolated in Thanh Hoa (1 case), Phu Yen (1 case) and Tay Ninh (3 cases).


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