The greedy bird tried to swallow the frog alive but choked because the bait was too big

One heron struggled to figure out how to eat the toad, because the size of the toad was too large for the heron’s throat.

Impressive images taken by a photographer at Wildwood Park, Pennsylvania, USA of a heron struggling with prey larger than its stomach.

According to the photographer’s share, the heron struggled for up to 20 minutes but still could not swallow the toad it caught.

Although the toad struggled to escape, the heron’s beaks were like pincers, gripping the toad from behind.

One of the great hunting tricks of herons and fish-eating birds together is to smash their prey to the ground to death. After a while of desperate resistance, the toad left her fate to her to decide.

The heron finally had a filling meal. But a new problem arose, that was, the size of this toad was too big for the heron’s throat and stomach.

Even after swallowing 3/4, the toad’s legs still stick out of the heron’s mouth, looking like a giant beard.


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