The Grade 5 ‘engineer’ invents the unique sprayer

Although he only finished 5th grade, but Mr. Nguyen Van Linh has created a unique and useful ‘5 in 1’ spray machine …

Turn dreams into reality

Born and raised in the land of Binh Phuoc rubber, witnessing with his own eyes every day in the process of taking care of crops, farmers have to be exposed to a lot of chemicals, plant protection drugs, and affect health. . In particular, in recent years, the low latex price along with Corynespora fungal defoliation appeared on a large scale, affecting the yield and quality of latex, causing anxiety among rubber growers. Since then, Mr. Linh cherished his desire to invent machinery for production to help liberate labor, protect health, reduce production costs, and increase profits.

To fulfill his dream, he went to learn mechanical engineering. After 4 years of hard work, basic knowledge of welding and turning has matured, in 2010 he immediately started researching and manufacturing machines. Through many failures, 2014 the first machine was born.

Accordingly, based on the operating principle of industrial pumps, thanks to the centrifugal force, there is a combination of flow, pressure, frequency of gravity and the specific gravity of the resulting liquid. kinetic energy makes water move. The machine he designed consisted of a di‌esel motor fitted with a 12-blade high-speed fan, 0.8 m in diameter, in a circular tube 0.15 m thick; The fan output is attached to 2 114 mm iron pipes used to make the accelerator tube very mobile when moving, in the heart of the tube attaches 3 detachable nozzles that easily fit the user’s intentions. In addition, the system also has a 500-liter water tank and a 20-horsepower plow trailer.

However, compared to the sprayers currently on the market, the machine invented by him has many unintended disadvantages such as: the large hole spraying is wasteful of the drug, while the fine sprayer does not fly far and easy to fall on the head when spraying. After a period of thinking, Mr. Linh continued to renovate the injection machine to achieve higher efficiency. Accordingly, the product is step-by-step optimized by high-pressure spray nozzles that incorporate rotating buttons and control levers located in front of the car next to the seat. Just a simple operation is the machine can adjust the height, strength, amount of drug, water when spraying, but the quality and productivity are many times higher than conventional methods.

Mr. Pham Hong Tu (white shirt) oversees the spraying work at the family rubber garden. Photo: Tran Trung.

Anh Linh shared that in the past, to spray pesticides on rubber trees, farmers used hand-pump sprayers to create pressure. For this type of sprayer, the user can carry it on his body to spray the spraying position. However, this bottle has a small volume, only about 10-15 liters, so the productivity is low. Furthermore, it only allows spraying to a height of about 10m, so it can only be applied to low rubber orchards. For rubber gardens with a higher height, if spraying is required at a location higher than 10m, the sprayer has to climb the tree to spray, so it can be dangerous and spray with very little amount.

Accordingly, the machine designed by him has the ability to spray high in static mode up to 35m and high sprayer at dynamic mode of 25-30m. In addition, the machine is also capable of spraying herbicides and automatic foliar fertilizers with a very high effective range, a 15-meter-wide, 10-meter-wide spray line in a running track, adjustable including: The 2 pipes move back and forth in combination with the wind to disperse the amount of mist spreading into each corner of the tree. “Just 1 500 liter water tank, depending on the terrain, within 1 hour the machine can spray 3 to 4 hectares of rubber, compared to conventional machines to save 50% of water and drugs used, The spraying time is also shortened by 40%, especially the sprayer limits exposure to the drug, reducing the risk of related diseases ”, Mr. Linh revealed.

The sprayer complete version was invented by Mr. Linh. Photo: Tran Trung.

Continuing to improve

Not stopping at 2 applications: high spray and far spray, to bring into full play the function of the machine, Mr. Linh continued to research on the dynamics of the di‌esel engine, based on the existing foundation, he improved to develop equipment, continue to invent applications such as leaf blowing, smoking, as well as voltage treatment of stem borers. From a machine with only 2 functions to a “5 in 1” machine.

Accordingly, for the smoking function, through the use of heat from the exhaust exhaust manifold of the di‌esel engine combined with the carburetor, when starting the engine, the engine engine will create high temperature and pressure. the airflow is then transmitted to the medication container through pipes and check valve systems. Then the medicine valve part will be opened, thanks to the pressure in the potion, the medicine is pressed into the tube to move to the combustion part of the injection machine. Smoke-making solution will be burned here to form smoke and at the same time the tobacco solution will be sprayed into the smoke. Then, a solution of the drug in the smoke was sprayed out from the nozzle system. At this time, the drug will spread, diffuse in the air, all kinds of insects and pests will be destroyed quickly.

Sprayers have high practical applications in rubber gardens. Photo: Tran Trung.

For the function of blowing leaves for dry season fire prevention, taking advantage of existing high-pressure fans and sprayers, he designed a system of blowers on both sides of the body and a collapsible unit that switches the wind back and forth to help for blows the borders easier. The range of each blow line on each side is 5m, which helps to blow leaves faster. Similarly, for the function of generating electric pulses, Mr. Linh takes advantage of the power generated from a diamo on the vehicle, then installs an inverter to create high-intensity current to kill the body borers, one of the the most difficult to treat worms today.

Wide applicantion

From the first machine to the improved and upgraded machine to perform 5 functions in 1, Mr. Linh’s products have won the trust of not only people cultivating rubber, cashew, fruit trees but Rubber companies in Binh Phuoc province come to use their products. In particular, many well-known enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City are also willing to cooperate in investment and mass production.

As a regular guest using the machine, Mr. Pham Hong Tu, Phuoc Binh Ward, TX. Phuoc Long said that his family has more than 5 hectares of rubber and 2 hectares of all kinds of fruit trees. Previously, he used conventional sprayers. On average, he spent hours per hectare and spent 6 million wages and drugs, but the efficiency was not high due to the low spraying force, the machine could only spray the lower leaf layer of the plant. However, when using the invention Anh Linh machine, the 1,000 liter tank with the same amount of drug but can spray up to 3 or 4 ha and higher quality because the spray can contact both sides of the leaves. “Not only saves more than 60% of the cost, but this machine also helps the amount of drug sprayed onto the tree to absorb enough, protect the health of users and avoid environmental pollution compared to the way. tradition ”, Mr. Tu said excitedly.

Sprayers have high practical applications in rubber gardens. Photo: Tran Trung.

According to Linh, from 2016 up to now, he has provided hundreds of machines for people inside and outside the province. In addition, from his family’s machine, each year, he receives spraying chemicals for over 1,000 hectares of kola, cashew and fruit trees for local people. “Many people also want to buy the copyright of the machine but I don’t sell it, because if you sell the copyright to someone else and they raise the price, the farmer will suffer first. In order for the products to reach many consumers, I wish to be facilitated by the state to access preferential capital sources to expand production scale to serve the needs of the people, “said Mr. Linh.

With useful inventions, Mr. Nguyen Van Linh won the second prize in the innovation contest at hand in the field of Agriculture in the Southeast 2019 organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the third prize in the VRG idea contest. organized by Vietnam Rubber Industry Group.


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