The Government requests to soon overcome the congestion of goods at the northern border gates

Accordingly, considering the proposal of the People’s Committee of Lang Son province on the import and export situation of goods, the congestion of agricultural products for export at the border gates of Lang Son province, Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh requested the ministries: Industry and Trade. , Agriculture and Rural Development, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Transport, Public Security, National Defense, Health, Information and Communication, People’s Committees of provinces and centrally run cities continue to implement the emergency Thoroughly, seriously and fully with the direction of the Deputy Prime Minister in Notice No. 350/TB-VPCP dated December 27, 2021 on removing difficulties in import and export activities of goods across border provinces. North; at the same time, studying and absorbing the recommendations of the People’s Committee of Lang Son province in the process of implementing the direction of the Deputy Prime Minister and according to the functions, tasks and assigned authority to soon overcome the congestion of goods at the gates. export in Lang Son province and northern border provinces.

Goods are stuck at the border gate.

Previously, as Vietnam Quality reported, at a recent talk, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Tran Thanh Nam said that hundreds of thousands of tons of dragon fruit, jackfruit, mango, grapefruit, and watermelon came the harvest, while the Chinese border gates were almost closed. Faced with this situation, we must change our thinking and adapt in the direction of multi-market, multi-benefit; It is necessary to clearly recognize the huge potential of the domestic market. Associations, businesses and localities need to strengthen connections to develop agricultural product consumption markets, attach importance to the domestic market and diversify import markets, not just depending on a few markets.

Regarding the situation of agricultural products in the season to be consumed, Ms. Dinh Thi Phuong Khanh – Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Long An province said that currently, for dragon fruit products of the province, it is the time when “the country’s boiling fire”. People growing dragon fruit in Long An are looking forward to this time. Before the news that China stopped importing dragon fruit, most traders pledged to buy dragon fruit from people for 22,000 VND/kg, enough for people to make a profit for the whole year’s production costs.

Since it was reported that China temporarily stopped importing dragon fruits, a series of dragon fruit warehouses in the province have temporarily stopped receiving goods. Therefore, from December 27-28, traders asked warehouses to compensate for the amount of dragon fruit purchased from the people.

Long An has about 10,000 hectares of dragon fruit growing area with an output of about 20,000 tons and this is a huge pressure on the province. Through the review, Long An currently has 117 dragon fruit warehouses, including 100 frozen warehouses with a total capacity of about 5,400 tons. However, the current inventory is nearly 3,000 tons, with only 2,400 tons of capacity left.

Binh Thuan province also has a large amount of dragon fruit for consumption. Mr. Phan Van Tuan – Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the province’s dragon fruit output by February 2022 is 120,000 tons. Currently, Binh Thuan still has 400-500 dragon fruit trucks, while cold storage reserves are not equal to the odd number of dragon fruit output.

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