The fruit is as big as a grapefruit, but the skin is hard and smooth like a coconut, the intestines are from white to black

Have you ever seen a fruit as big as a grapefruit but the skin is green and smooth like a coconut? Recently, through an online article, I also saw this fruit for the first time. After researching, I learned that this is a strange and familiar fruit in our country because it is grown in some localities.

A woman shared a video of a scene using a saw to cut in half a rather large fruit, like a grapefruit, but the skin is hard and smooth like a coconut. The special thing is that when cut out, the flesh inside the fruit is white; one can use a spoon to scoop. After cooking, this white meat turns dark black. The owner of the video drank the water boiled from this fruit very well.

(Photo taken from the clip)

It turns out that this is a fairy peach, also known as a fruit of immortality, mam. Fairy peaches grow from woody trees, have many good effects for health such as: Increase longevity, treat sore throat, cough; laxative, anti-constipation; detoxification for the gastrointestinal tract; Beautify skin, treat joint pain…

The fruit pulp after cooking turns black (Photo taken from the clip)

People often cut the flesh inside the fairy peach to boil water or dry it to preserve it longer. In addition, you can also soak fairy peaches with alcohol to treat poor appetite, insomnia, and improve health.

How to soak fairy peaches with healthy wine

Step 1: Pick an old fairy peach with a green skin and leave it in the house to wait until the skin and intestines turn black.

Step 2: Scoop the flesh inside the peach into a bowl.

Step 3: Each 200g of peach intestine is soaked with 10 dried porcelain bananas that have been golden and 2 liters of delicious wine.

After 10 days, we can take out the wine to use. Every day, my mother drinks wine soaked in peaches 3 times, about 30ml each time and drink before meals.

(Illustration – Source: Internet)


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