The first McLaren Speedtail supercar to Thailand, more than 145 billion VND

McLaren Speedtail supercar The 3-seater follows the legendary McLaren F1 and is limited to 106 units worldwide. Its extremely limited availability makes it one of the coveted hypercar models to be owned in the 21st century. Surprisingly, at least 2 million-dollar McLaren Speedtail supercars were transported to Southeast Asia, the first one to Asean was caught in Singapore and the second McLaren Speedtail was recently transported to Thailand.McLaren Speedtail limited 106 units worldwide and it is not clear whether the new car to Thailand belongs to the show car or is owned by this country’s giant. If the Thai giant buys McLaren Speedtail, this can be considered as quite shocking news in the world of car enthusiasts. The reason lies in the fact that Thailand is one of the countries with the highest supercar prices in the world. The first million-dollar McLaren Speedtail to come to Thailand has a silver paint color with many carbon details.McLaren Speedtail in Thailand is a completely new supercar, launched in October 2018 and belongs to the Ultimate Series line. McLaren Speedtail uses a gasoline-electric hybrid engine system with a maximum speed of 391 km / h. Speedtail is confirmed to be the fastest and most luxurious supercar of McLaren. Born to pay tribute to the legendary F1 supercar, McLaren Speedtail owns an interior space of only 3 seats with a carbon fiber driver’s seat in the middle.However, the similarity between F1 and Speedtail also stops here when McLaren’s new supercar uses a hybrid engine system with a maximum capacity of 1,035 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1,149 Nm. Specifically, this hybrid system on the McLaren Speedtail supercar includes a V8 petrol engine, a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter capacity, which produces a maximum capacity of 746 horsepower and a maximum torque of 799 Nm. The corresponding two figures of the electric motor are 308 hp and 347 Nm.The above power plus a dry weight of only 1,430 kg, McLaren Speedtail can accelerate from 0-300 km / h in just 12.8 seconds.Thus, McLaren Speedtail has a faster acceleration time of 0.3 seconds compared to the Bugatti Chiron, which owns a maximum capacity of 1,479 horsepower. In addition, McLaren Speedtail also has a maximum speed of 402 km / h.Speedtail is equipped by British supercar company for cars with super-light alloy wheels with multi-spoke design in the shape of propeller. In the front, this set of wheels will be equipped with an additional carbon fiber air visor. Previously, this design was used on Formula 1 racing cars as well as many other LM and GTE racing cars. Level McLaren Speedtail car price In foreign markets, it falls to 56 billion VND and will cost more than 120 billion VND in Taiwan. In Thailand it is valued at more than 145 billion.Video: McLaren’s history of the lightest 3-seater supercar speedtail.


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