The FIB at the Coni Hall of Honor

Exceptional location for the Federal Council on Tuesday 15 June 2021 (scheduled for 5 pm) Federbocce, in fact, will celebrate its political moment in the CONI Hall of Honor in the presence of President Giovanni Malagò, reconfirmed at the top of Italian sport during the elections of last May 13 in Milan, and of the Secretary General Carlo Mornati.

“It is important for the Italian Bocce Federation to celebrate the Federal Council in the house of Italian sport – said the president Marco Giunio De Sanctis – It is an important message that we will send not only to our world, but to all other sports”.

“On this occasion, in fact, together with President Malagò, we will present what we have done and what we can do as a sports movement, finalizing our primary actions above all to promotional initiatives to start up the practice of bowls, as well as to high-level activities to project the bowling sport at the Olympic Games, a goal that in the past has always unfairly escaped us ”, remarked De Sanctis.

The Italian Bocce Federation, on this occasion, will award the reigning World Champions (who in any case won World Gold after March 2017): Gianluca Formicone and Elisa Luccarini (world titles in the Individual Raffa in 2019), Matteo Mana (Senior World Champion in Precision Shooting in 2019, Under 23 Progressive Shooting World Champion in 2019 and Under 23 Couple World Champion in 2019), Alex Zoia (Under 23 Couple World Champion in 2019), Gabriele Graziano (Under 23 World Shooting Precision in 2019), Mattia Falconieri (Under 18 Couple World Champion in 2019), Simone Mana (Under 18 Couple World Champion in 2019) and Caterina Venturini (Individual World Champion in 2018).

The awards ceremony will be broadcast in live streaming, starting at 5.00 pm, on the federation’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

“A celebratory moment that will be an opportunity to make people understand, once again, how bowls are not only those of sport for all – concluded Marco Giunio De Sanctis – Our movement, in fact, includes many members who practice the discipline at the highest level competitive. From bowls, a popular sport with a great tradition all over the world, various sports disciplines derive. It is incomprehensible and irritating that bowls are not part of the Olympic Games program, while Boccia is included in the Paralympic Games program. Therefore, we will have to focus all our efforts on landing at the Olympics to achieve this ambitious and important goal, which will be able to give a new and just face to the institutional aims of the FIB ”.

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