The fetus loses the umbilical cord, poking its legs out while still in the womb

On 4-5 days, specialist doctor 2 Huynh Thi Dao, Deputy Head of the Department of Obstetrics – Gynecology, Xuyen A General Hospital, said that the unit had just saved the lives of two mothers and mothers pregnant with HM (33 years old, living in Ca Mau). ).

Accordingly, the woman M. was hospitalized in a critical condition, the uterus threatened to rupture, the cervix was enlarged 6-7 cm, with the fetal 2 feet almost out, the umbilical cord is much in the vagina, umbilical vessels. Discrete, fetal heart can be dangerous to the fetus’s life.

Exploiting medical history, Ms. M. was pregnant for the third time, currently 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Realizing this is an urgent emergency, within 5 minutes after receiving it, the woman is immediately transferred to the operating room. Doctors with many specialties such as: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesia and resuscitation, Pediatrics … have been mobilized and have emergency surgery together with cesarean section.

After 20 minutes, the operation was successful, a round and square mother, a 3kg baby boy was born safely.

Currently, the health status of mother and baby has stabilized and continues to receive specialist follow-up care.

After the surgery, the health of Mrs. M. and her baby is stable.

Through the above case, Dr. Dao recommends that pregnant women need to go for full pregnancy check-ups. When experiencing symptoms such as abdominal pain or bleeding, vaginal discharge, you should go to the hospital with an obstetrician – gynecological examination immediately. Do not let the ruptured amniotic fluid at home for a long time will endanger both mother and baby.

Doctor Dao also noted that high-risk pregnancies such as poly amniotic fluid, an enlarged fetus, buttocks, and an inconvenient throne … will have a risk of umbilical cord prolapse.

Umbilical cord prolapse can happen in any woman. When it is discovered that a woman has an umbilical cord loss, emergency care should be taken at large hospitals with a team of experienced doctors, quick handling to rescue umbilical cord compression and resuscitation.

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