The fate of illegal immigrant children

Father and son love between people is the highlight of the film – Photo: CJ

The central character in the Korean film The Pet Debt (Pawn) is the little girl Seung Yi played by cute child actor Park So Yi. Playing the young girl as Ha Ji Won, one of the top stars in Korea.

Softening tragedy pain

As a commercial film for teenagers and older audiences, the Department of Pet Debt does not really go into the dark corners of the theme, but conveys social problems in a soft, disruptive direction.

The film is about Du Seok (Sung Dong Il) and Jong Bae (Kim Hiewon), two men who work as a debt collector but have compassion for people. Their mission is to claim a debt from Myung Ja (Kim Yun Jin), a poor mother who illegally immigrated from China.

When Myung Ja did not have money to repay the debt, Du Seok arrested Myung Ja’s daughter Seung Yi as a mortgage and called her by the nickname “Debt Department”. He had a naive thought that he would soon return her to his mother.

This rash action can be considered a violation of the law, starting the tragedy chain later. But in the film, the action is humorous, incorporating more human meaning. This detail is not handled well, too lightly compared to the nature of the incident.

However, the characters pay a heavy price for this turning point. Thereby, they all prove their honest nature and endeavor to correct mistakes. The relationship between Du Seok and baby Seung Yi is increasingly strong, taking the appearance of a father and son, not a debt collector and a mortgage.

Taking the topic of the fate of illegal immigrants with their children, the Department of Petrochemicals Department does not delve into the terrible situation, but focuses on describing human love, father and son love not of the same bloodline. Therefore, the film is not too realistic but very emotional and brings a warm feeling.

Child actor Park So Yi shines

The beautiful appearance of the baby girl Seung Yi is a friendly factor for viewers from the beginning. But cuteness is not the only advantage of child actor Park So Yi. Just 8 years old, she has transformed herself, absorbed in and interacted well with adult actors.

One of the impressive scenes of baby Park So Yi is when the character has to work at a karaoke bar. The child’s tiny hands are forced to do heavy chores like cleaning the toilet, cleaning the theater, collecting large trash bags and being injured by guests.

Not to mention the character Du Seok played by Sung Dong Il. Du Seok and baby Seung Yi are like a pair of identical cards in the movie. The relationship between them is also the backbone of the film to say that there is still a deep love between the “water lovers”.

As an actor specializing in the role of a father who loves his daughter, Sung Dong Il is like being dressed for this role. Thanks to his acting, the character Du Seok really touched the audience, although in nature, he was quite hot-tempered, rigid, thoughtless.

Thanks to a kind heart, Du Seok constantly questioned himself, working hard to correct the consequences of unintentional decisions that turned into mistakes. If the little girl Seung Yi has a strong will to survive, is a warrior in the child’s body, Mr. Du Seok is a gentle, gentle father in the body of the impatient debt collector.

The scenario of the Bureau of Pet Debt has some uncertainties about the identity of the mother and father of baby Seung Yi, the human trafficking fraudster, or the confusing details of Du Seok’s illness. The movie stops at a decent level but is still worth watching to add respect for human love.


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