The famous Vietnamese-American professor once started by washing laboratory instruments

For the first time, the inspirational story of the passion, achievements and sacrifices of scientists will be shared by Nobel Prize-winning professors, Millenium, in the “Interaction with the Prize Council and the Society” Preliminary Review” – the event towards the VinFuture Award Ceremony (20:10) on January 20 in Hanoi.

Stories of unbelievable journeys

Global researchers and millions of people interested in the fields of medicine, physics, science and technology, etc. can’t help but be excited because in just a few days, the top intellectual elites in the world will be gather in Vietnam to attend VinFuture Science Week (January 18 – January 21).

In particular, the meeting with the VinFuture Awards and Preliminary Council on January 18 will be a rare opportunity to meet the world’s biggest names like Sir Richard Henry Friend – the winner of the Millennium Technology Prize in Physics. 2010, Professor Gérard Mourou – winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics…

According to information from VinFuture, the difference is that the content of the exchange with academic scholars will not be of an ordinary academic nature. Here, world-renowned professors will share little-known stories about their journey to cutting-edge research. Those are everyday stories, about sacrifices, overcoming seemingly impossible difficulties to succeed.

In the list of VinFuture, many people will probably pay attention to Professor Nguyen Thuc Quyen, co-chair of the VinFuture Award Preliminary Council. The journey of a female professor of Vietnamese origin from the poor countryside to the US with an English vocabulary of almost zero has inspired many people around the world.

Prof. Quyen’s path to pursue her passion for research is both sweat and tears when she has to overcome so much contempt. From a person who washes laboratory instruments, with a passionate fire that has never been extinguished, the Vietnamese-born scientist has become a Professor at the University of California (Santa Barbara, USA) with world famous works such as materials and objects. New materials for organic solar cell applications.

Scientists in Vietnam and the world are also looking forward to the appearance of famous professor Gérard Albert Mourou – winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics for his invention of laser technology. At the meeting on January 18, maybe the French professor will share more deeply about the difficult journey to overcome the seemingly unbreakable wall of science, which is the application of a high-intensity laser electric field. into reality.

One of the other notable names is the respected professor who was once knighted by the Queen of England – Sir Richard Henry Friend. The professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge (UK) is one of the most influential physicists in the world with more than 20 patents, 164,623 scientific citations. Many people will certainly look forward to the story of the famous professor who took the first steps in OLED research to make the current generation of flat-screen OLED TVs.

In addition, there are many unknowns of Professor Dang Van Chi (Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council of the US National Cancer Institute), who pursues the “secret” of this topic. The metabolism of cancer cells, Dr. Padmanabhan Anandan – who laid the foundation for computer vision…

Persuasion from VinFuture’s distinct mission

In addition to the scientific journey, the exchange on January 18 will also be where famous professors talk about their journey to VinFuture – the first global Science and Technology Award initiated by Vietnamese people.

In the previous sharing, Professor Nguyen Thuc Quyen partly mentioned the reason why she and many professors participating in the preliminary panel came to the award that the world had never known before. “The scientists on the award committee told us that they were convinced by the mission of VinFuture itself,” Professor Quyen talked about the Award’s mission to create positive changes in the daily lives of millions of people on Earth.

With VinFuture, as Professor Jennifer Tour Chayes (University of California, Berkeley), a member of the Award Council once shared, the human factor has made the difference of VinFuture and convinced her to participate. While many awards in the world tend to focus on scientific impact, VinFuture places an additional important criterion on the ability to impact people.

The grading process revealed by this professor is so fascinating that she herself and leading experts in computer science embarked on research to find an algorithm to further predict the impact of projects. multifaceted, rather than purely scientific.

Although he has not shared specifically about the winners, the famous professor himself has affirmed the worthiness of the honored work. Even the projects that have not yet won awards, she said, are major breakthroughs in science or technology and benefit millions of people around the world – exactly as the VinFuture Awards set out.

4 main activities of VinFuture Science Week:

– January 18, 2022: Exchange program with Award Council and Preliminary Council.

– January 19, 2022: The seminar “Science for Life” includes 3 discussion sessions with topics: Future of Energy, Future of Artificial Intelligence and Future of Global Health. The event has the participation of many leading professors who have won the Nobel Prize, Millennium Technology.

20:10 p.m. on January 20: VinFuture Awards Ceremony at Hanoi Opera House (Television live on VTV1 and major domestic and international social networking platforms).

– January 21: Exchange with the owner of the VinFuture Award.

With safety as the top priority, BTC has carefully prepared Covid testing for all guests participating in VinFuture events, in order to ensure the highest level of safety for international events. this.


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