The extremely rare, super expensive McLaren MP4-12C HS arrives in Hong Kong

About 8 years ago, the British supercar company created 5 cars McLaren MP4-12C supercar High Sport version under the production of personalization division McLaren Special Operations (MSO). However, the demand of the giants has increased so McLaren is determined to launch 5 other cars, bringing the total number of McLaren MP4-12C High Sport cars to 10 units. And the one in our article is one of 10 McLaren MP4-12C HS cars worldwideMcLaren MP4-12C HS has only 10 units worldwide to be displayed in Hong Kong. Super car McLaren MP4-12C HS arrives in Hong Kong is white in color. The car was bought from the US market at an undisclosed price.However, can confirm that Hong Kong giants will have to spend more than 15 billion VND to own McLaren MP4-12C HS.Currently, 1 of 10 McLaren MP4-12C High Sport supercars is present at the Hong Kong McLaren dealer on loan. This special car was bought by a fan of the McLaren supercar line in Huong Cang to collect from the US to Hong Kong to collect and quite generously when loaned to the McLaren supercar dealer here to display until the end of 9 11.According to our assessment, compared to the regular McLaren MP4-12C versions, the special McLaren MP4-12C HS super car has a GT3 racing-style sports body kit with more air intakes, along with 5-wing wheels. unique Y. The front of the car with a new wind cavity is completely new compared to the standard version.The car to Hong Kong is even more unique because of the white “white horse” paint and this is one of the first 5 McLaren MP4-12C HS in the world, a source of Tinxe said. In addition to the white color, the first McLaren MP4-12C HS limited supercar to Hong Kong also has many carbon details on the exterior.McLaren MP4-12C High Sport is equipped with a V8 engine block, twin-turbocharged, 3.8-liter capacity, producing 667 horsepower, 75 horsepower higher than the 592 horsepower of the McLaren MP4-12C that they I had a chance to see it in Singapore, and the performance was also significantly improved. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.Only 10 special supercars were produced, McLaren MP4-12C High Sport car price sold from $ 420,000 to $ 570.00, or VND 8.7 billion to VND 11.8 billion, according to the exchange rate between USD and VND in 2012. The current price of McLaren MP4-12C High Sport on the market may be more than 1 million dollars.Video: Touching the face of the McLaren MP4-12C High Sport supercar.


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