The Department of Roads of Vietnam requires strict punishment of parachutes, disguised contract vehicles

According to the Vietnam Road Administration, over the past time, the Vietnam Automobile Transport Association and the local automobile transport associations have continued to reflect on the situation of “parachutes, toads, and disguised contract vehicles”. Especially from the beginning of 2022 until now, contract cars using electronic contract software, high quality Limousine contract cars continue to participate in the transportation business more and more.

These vehicles operate quite mobile, pick up guests at home, operate at all fixed time frames of the day, causing traffic disorder and safety, unfair competition between different types of businesses. transportation business.

The Department of Roads of Vietnam requires strict punishment of umbrellas and disguised contract vehicles.

Faced with this situation, the Road Administration of Vietnam (RARVN) has requested the Department of Transport of provinces and cities to review, inspect and strictly handle contract vehicles running in disguise nationwide.

The Department of Road and Transport has reviewed, extracted data, and checked the probability of a number of passenger transport business cars under contract in some localities through the data system from the cruise monitoring device. GSHT) in December 2022; Thereby detecting a number of vehicles with continuous and repeated operation frequency in a certain period of time, some vehicles do not transmit data to the VNRA.

In order to ensure order and equality among transport businesses, traffic safety, and improve service quality, the Department of Transport proposed that the Departments of Transport arrange staff to monitor, exploit and use data. from GSHT equipment on the information system of the Department, of transport business units; carry out inspection and review for passenger transport business units along fixed routes, under contracts to correct and limit the situation of “parachute cars, toads, disguised contract vehicles”, route vehicles. fixed abandonment; synthesize violations and take handling measures according to regulations; report the results to the department before February 28.

For transport business vehicles that have been reviewed by the Road Administration, it is recommended that the Departments of Transport of provinces and cities (Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Bac Giang, Thai Nguyen, Thua Thien Hue, Hai Phong) inspect and handle them. handling violations of itineraries, driving schedules, starting and ending times of the contract (date and time), starting and ending addresses, and pick-up and drop-off points on the passenger plane. the transportation process, the distance of the transportation journey, the number of passengers… according to regulations; summarize and report the results of the implementation to the VNRA before February 15.

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