The Chinese giant ordered a million dollar Rolls-Royce Phantom through Wechat

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, most of us have relied more and more on cashless transactions, especially smartphone payments such as the purchase of food, clothing and many other items. Other essentials. However, the purchase of super luxury cars Rolls-Royce is worth a million dollars Just through a few smartphone surfing like customers in China will probably make many surprises.Carscoops site cites some sources close to Rolls-Royce as saying that the luxury car company recently sold some special cars through the WeChat application of China. Considered a hybrid of Whatsapp, Instagram and Paypal, WeChat is mainly used to send and receive messages, just like other familiar Western messaging apps.But the app also gives users the opportunity to make immediate purchases and has become an essential commercial tool for any company doing business in China.Think eBay’s “Buy Now” button, but instead of buying a $ 15 iPhone cable or an old copy of Call of Duty, you order one of 20 limousines. New Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus.Launched at the Shanghai auto show last month, Tempus is a time-and-space-tuned Phantom limo. Accordingly, the Phantom’s famous night sky ceiling has been modified with a manually installed fiber optic system and the dashboard includes 100 metal strips with separate contours rolled from a monolithic aluminum billet.Traditional timepieces are omitted to give the owner a feeling of “freedom from time and its limitations”. Meanwhile, on the bonnet, Spirit of Ecstasy logo will be engraved with a special date and location customized for each customer.Rolls-Royce has not yet announced the official price of this limited edition, but a standard Phantom costs $ 535,000 and a Phantom Tempus special This with a limited quantity of 20 is rumored to cost at least 750,000 USD, and possibly up to 1 million USD.The British luxury car maker has announced the sale of Tempus to Chinese customers using the WeChat app, and according to a source close to ‘some of the customers have agreed to buy the car without seeing the car before or receive any advice from a Rolls-Royce employee ”. Video: Introducing the new super luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus.


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