The cause of congestion at Tan Son Nhat airport in recent days

Specifically, according to, in the morning of April 15, from 5:00 am to 6:55 am, 32 domestic flights took off from Tan Son Nhat. This means that Tan Son Nhat domestic terminal welcomes about 6,000 passengers in just 2 hours. During the peak morning hours (from 5am – 10am), there are about 22,000 passengers passing through the airport.

The airport said it has strengthened its personnel to guide passengers when they arrive at the airport to check in, and at the same time requires airlines as well as ground service units to increase personnel and implement measures to relieve fastest number of passengers when checking in.

Congestion at Tan Son Nhat airport has been continuously occurring these days.

Regarding the cause of congestion, Tan Son Nhat airport representative said on, the main reason leading to congestion at the airport due to the high demand for travel, focusing in the morning, up about 30% compared to with different timeframes. On weekends, the more customers are, waiting for the unavoidable work. In addition, many cases of electronic medical have not been declared, resulting in additional return when security entry, causing serious congestion.

On, Mr. Luu Viet Hung, chief of Tan Son Nhat airport office, also said that the congestion in the screening area was caused by the awareness of passengers in complying with security screening regulations.

“Currently, the compliance of passengers is not good, on average, 5 passengers passing through the screening door, there are 3 guests who are prompted by the security to return to leave their belongings through the scanner. The medical system shows that passengers often go to the checkpoint without declarations “, Mr. Hung shared.

Previously, because the number of passengers on the plane increased at Tan Son Nhat airport, airlines informed passengers that they should arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight to check in to avoid missing flights.

In addition, the airlines also recommend that passengers should make medical declaration within 24 hours before flight and scan / print QR code for medical declaration for smooth check-in process.

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