The cast of tiny kei cars “disguised as” extremely classic valves in Japan

Japan is a country with one of the most exciting ride-hailing cultures in the world, from drift to bosozoku, and even more. It can be said that this water car enthusiast can turn any type of car into a collection trend, even if it is just a car. Tiny kei car.When it comes to kei cars, they are unique domestically circulating vehicles in Japan and to make them even more interesting, many custom shops can turn them into mini versions of vans and full-sized pickups. from the West like France, Russia, and America.One such studio is Cal Stage in Osaka. This particular store can manually transform all forms of kei cars into some of the most famous classic Western models in history. The vans pictured above may look like a good classic, but they can fool you. Take a closer look and you will begin to realize that each is in fact a “miniature clone” built on the chassis. Modern kei car.Cal Stage once built a Suzuki Carry DA63T pickup that looked exactly like a Citroen H model designed in the 1940s. If that’s not impressive enough, then a Honda Acty becomes a tribute to the car. How about a Chevrolet G-Series van from the 1980s?One of the most distinctive convertible models to mention is the Volkswagen Type 2, where Cal Stage has completed dozens of models of the first and later models.The vehicles mentioned above are just floating surfaces. Cal Stage also provides custom build kits for the transformation Chevrolet Bel Air degree kei car, Dodge B-Series, Ford E-Series, Austin Mini, UAZ, 452, a school bus, and more. These small retro vans are also diverse in features, which can act as a passenger car to a camping utility vehicle. Even at outdoor events where you want to use your kei to attract attention, Cal Stage will turn them into a tiny kitchen or layout suitable for a small stall.Cal Stage isn’t the only company that makes convertible cars like this. Other companies like Blow Co and Modest both make similar cars to keep the dream romantic about vintage cars. However, one attraction at Cal Stage is that they take pictures of the different stages of the making of each car, and share it on their homepage.Customers interested in classic kei bikes simply select a vehicle from the store’s catalog, select a matching kit, and then wait for the car to be completed. Those who are reluctant to wait can buy a pre-built car with prices ranging from $ 9,800 to $ 31,000.Video: Kei car – Japanese car culture (Source VTV).


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