The audience reacts when Son Tung M-TP has a plagiarism case?

Extracted from the MV We of the present – Source: Sơn Tùng M-TP

On the evening of February 22, MV We are of the present Unexpectedly was not found on YouTube. When accessing the MV, the audience receives a message: “This video is no longer available due to the copyright complaint by GC”.

The original cause is believed to be the tone We are of the present has many similarities with Is you mine, in the style of Bruno Mars, posted on the GC channel from September 2020.

The message pops up when accessing the MV link – Screenshot

GC, the producer who filed a copyright complaint with YouTube for Son Tung M-TP’s MV, also affirmed on social networks:

“There are indeed similarities. Do you think it is stealing ideas?”, GC replied to a comment that Son Tung’s song is similar to his product.

“When I spoke with the producer, he said he used one of the songs R&B all night My reference for the beat part. I have heard it and decided that the important element, the arrangement, the instrument and the main melody are too similar to be called a reference, ”commented this person.

The audience reacts when Son Tung M-TP has a plagiarism case?  Photo 3.

Son Tung M-TP and Hai Tu in the MV – Photo: NVCC

The case of Son Tung M-TP plagiarism in We are of the present immediately became the topic that attracted many comments throughout the day.

It is hypothesized that the GC beat produced was sold to multiple parties and that Sơn Tùng M-TP reused it. It is possible that Son Tung M-TP or the track production team used the beat from the middleman and did not work with the original beat producer GC.

Therefore, some viewers said that because of not clearly stating the author in the credits, GC misunderstood Son Tung M-TP side to plagiarize and copyright the MV. We are of the present. Currently, GC has deleted all comments saying Son Tung M-TP has copied the idea and also said that the MV will appear again soon.

The audience reacts when Son Tung M-TP has a plagiarism case?  - Photo 4.

The song ‘You sure love is here’ by Son Tung continues to receive suspicion of plagiarizing the song ‘Lucky’ on Robin Wesley channel – Photo: NVCC

In the music production world, it is not uncommon to buy sample beats from other producers for their own products. A beat product can be sold exclusively to one party or copyrighted for multiple parties. Songs that use the same sample beat are often easily misunderstood as plagiarism when compared.

For We are of the present, many viewers quickly discovered that this song is quite similar R&B all night by KnowKnow (88rising). This is also the song that product We are of the present Son Tung M-TP has been suspected of plagiarism.

Although this product does not annotate the name of GC in the credit section, it cannot be denied that the two songs of Son Tung M-TP and KnowKnow (88rising) use the same beat of GC.

GC – who accuse Son Tung of plagiarism?

GC’s real name is Gary, is a producer living and working in the city of Liverpool, England. GC started in the beat making path in 2008, forte mainly in Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Alternative. GC joined YouTube from June 2017, he also owns a significant number of followers on BeatStars, the world’s leading beat trading platform.

GC mainly makes beats (beats featuring a certain artist’s style) to sell to those in need. GC has a website where he can sell his types of beats at a transparent price.

After talking about Son Tung’s idea of ​​borrowing the idea, Instagram GC page was criticized by many fans of the male singer with uncivilized, somewhat vulgar words – while Son Tung’s side is now. at still silent.


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