The audience reacts when Ngoc Trinh sings: I’m happy, I can’t be a singer yet

Duong Hoang Yen and DatG in the MV – Photo: DPC

* Duong Hoang Yen released MV inspired by Star enlistment

Singer Duong Hoang Yen has just released MV Wherever your car goes, I will follow you there inspired by the program “Stars to enlist in the army”. The MV attracts attention with the participation of Hau Hoang, Nam Thu, Khanh Van and some soldiers from the 429th Brigade.

The song was composed by Vu Ha Anh, with DatG in charge of the rap part. To please fans, the MV has many scenes where YouTuber Hau Hoang and Mui Truong Long show their care for each other. After 18 hours, the MV reached more than 1 million views.

MV ‘Where your car goes, I follow it’ – Source: Duong Hoang Yen

The filming location was mainly at the 429th Brigade, where Duong Hoang Yen and 5 female colleagues had many memories after a period of experience living and training in the military environment.

Duong Hoang Yen is a singer with a solid musical background and in this song, her performance stops at a safe level, just enough for a love ballad.

If it’s about creativity or breakthroughs needed to differentiate and impress the audience, this MV doesn’t have it.

An unfortunate minus point of Wherever your car goes, I will follow you there perhaps it is the participation of DatG. Many viewers commented that his rap became “lost” in general because of the clichéd words and the unattractive rhythm. “Why do you rap like it’s for free?” – a written comment.

* “Oh Ngoc Trinh, singing is fun, but I can’t be a singer”

Model Ngoc Trinh has just released the MV Let’s love each other, with the desire to be received and supported by the audience to “be motivated for the next products”.

In a statement to the media, Ngoc Trinh said that she has great affection for music: “Although singing is not perfect, I want to live with my passion. I don’t have any pressure and also know that singing will receive mixed opinions from the audience. This is very normal for an artist.”

Animated MV ‘Let’s love each other’ – Source: Ngoc Trinh

On social networks, the topic of beautiful people singing has been controversial for a long time. Therefore, Ngoc Trinh’s debut music product quickly became a topic of interest to the audience.

Many people think that with her current voice, Ngoc Trinh can freely go to karaoke with friends to satisfy her passion for singing, but it is not advisable to follow the path of professional singing, as commented. “My dear Ngoc Trinh, let’s sing for fun, not a singer”…

* Chinese singers sing Vietnamese music on television

Two Chinese singers, Hou Minh Hao and Cuc Tinh Y, just sang the song again Easy to come easy to go in a music program broadcast on Hunan radio, China on the evening of June 16.

Chinese version of the lyrics ‘Your eyes are like the stars in the sky’ by Hau Minh Hao, Cuc Tinh Y – Source: Tmall

This Chinese version is called Your eyes are like starlight. Before, Easy to come easy to go It is also a song that causes fever on Chinese and Thai social networks when it is performed by many people.

The song was composed and performed by Quang Hung MasterD in R&B pop style, released at the end of 2020. The singer was born in 1997 in Hue and is the author of songs like Because to love is to remember, Because you can’t love, Why hasn’t anyone come back yet… loved by young audiences.


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