The attraction of the new Vinhomes Smart City apartment building for sale

Grand Sapphire 2 is located in The Grand Sapphire subdivision. According to representatives of Vinhomes, this is the only subdivision that owns the Blue Sapphire symbol, which means feng shui represents goodness and luck.

The subdivision inherits the system of the most beautiful internal landscape in the city, including: an outdoor swimming pool up to 1,000m2, a sports field, a children’s playground, a landscape garden …

An outdoor swimming pool of 1,000 ha at the project.

The location adjacent to the flyover No. 2 connecting the main roads also helps the building’s residents easily move to the major facilities of the project, including: three 16.3ha uninterrupted parks, “diamond quartet” including: Vincom Mega Mall trade center; Vinmec International General Hospital with a helipad and presidential room; kindergarten and Vinschool; standard operating system Vinhomes.

Located at the intersection of two Le Trong Tan streets – Thang Long Avenue, the location of Grand Sapphire helps to connect convenient traffic, making it easy for residents to move to important locations of the capital. In the future, Metro Line 5 comes into operation, bringing the advantages of connectivity and the potential to add value to the apartment.

Perspective of Grand Sapphire apartment building 2, is like a green gem in the Vinhomes Smart City project.

Perspective of Grand Sapphire apartment 2 at the Vinhomes Smart City project.

Recently, Vinhomes launched preferential policies on selling prices and financial support for the first court to open for sale in the Grand Sapphire subdivision. For example, customers pay 10% to immediately sign sale and purchase contracts, take up loans up to 70% with a period of 35 years; Pay principal and interest of 0 VND for 2 years and give a voucher to buy a Vinfast car up to 200 million VND …

In recent years, the “changing flesh” of the infrastructure along with the movement of offices, the West area is gradually becoming the new administrative and economic center of Hanoi. Along with that, the situation in the central areas is overloaded, causing congestion, pollution … forming the trend of moving from real estate to megacities with full utilities and systems. modern transportation system.

According to CBRE, in the third quarter of 2019 alone, apartment projects in West Hanoi accounted for 77% of new open supply. In the context of the economy in general and the real estate market in particular wobbly due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the real estate market in the West still remains attractive.

“Vinhomes Smart City owns a synchronous utility system and the intersection of two arterial roads of Le Trong Tan and Thang Long Avenue, so that the newly opened apartment building – Grand Sapphire 2 at the project attracts attention. ideas of investors and real buyers, “said the investor.

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