The advantage helps King Crown Infinity to attract Thu Duc elite

King Crown Infinity is located in the heart of the creative city of Thu Duc, promising to be the residence of modern residents, especially the upper class.

For the upper class, owning luxury real estate is a testament of wealth. In the portfolio of the world’s super-rich, real estate is one of the most popular investment channels. Similar to other luxury products, real estate selected by the elite must also meet strict criteria, different from the majority.

Icons for living style

In 2020, despite the impact of the pandemic, the demand for property ownership and investment will still increase, especially in areas with high potential for Grade A development, with transport infrastructure. increasingly developing like Thu Duc city. With its favorable geographical location and driving force for planning and policies, this place is expected to become the most innovative urban area in Ho Chi Minh City, contributing to boosting the overall economy of the city as well as the region. Southern region.

King Crown Infinity is expected to become an upmarket symbol of the creative city Thu Duc. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

Along with that mission, the King Crown Infinity high-end commercial and apartment complex with the 30-storey twin towers of Apollo and Artemis is expected to become a symbol of a new lifestyle. The harmonious combination of Parametric design language with GFRC (fiberglass reinforced concrete) – a material with high hardness and durability, easy to shape soft curves, elevates the project. becoming a destination for the elite, towards the future prosperity of the creative city Thu Duc.

Located on the arterial road of Vo Van Ngan, King Crown Infinity is in the heart of connecting with the modern administrative, financial and educational area with a growing transport infrastructure. This is a settlement advantage for families looking for a place to live near work, school or family business locations.

Pioneering the high standard of living

Housing is a place to restore energy after a long hard working day as well as help residents relax to enjoy life. When choosing between real estate projects, the elite pay special attention to an open living environment, close to nature, attractive modern facilities, especially feng-shui elements, good for energy, health and fortune.

Projects with feng shui often attract the elite.  Perspective photo: BCG Land.

Projects with feng shui often attract the elite. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

Understanding the needs of modern residents, BCG Land – the developer of King Crown Infinity has designed to enhance natural light, support comprehensive air convection to provide open space for 724 apartments . Each floor has only 15 apartments, equipped with up to 10 lifts (including two freight lifts), ensuring the privacy that many people prefer.

In the corridor outside the apartment, the corridor between floors and public areas are arranged with trees, creating a relaxed, fresh and healthy landscape. The immense green area at King Crown Infinity is now more unique with the highlight of the 6-storey indoor pedestrian street inspired by Namba Park – Japan. The harmonious combination between greenery, lake, and waterfall creates a unique aerial garden creating a good vitality.

The indoor pedestrian street is filled with green space.  Perspective photo: BCG Land.

The indoor pedestrian street is filled with green space. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

Contributing to raising the high standard of living in King Crown Infinity are more than 25 high-class internal facilities such as infinity swimming pool, lazy river and waterfall, jacuzzi, children’s play area, exercise machine system. outdoor, sports field system, basketball, barbecue garden, food chain, water music stage … serving the diverse entertainment, entertainment and relaxation needs of residents of all ages . All form an upper standard of living in an apartment area reserved for modern elites.

Minh Anh

Located at 218 Vo Van Ngan, Binh Tho ward, Thu Duc city, King Crown Infinity is a commercial and luxury apartment complex developed by BCG Land Joint Stock Company – a member of Bamboo Capital Group. Expected to be handed over in 2023, the project is expected to become a new iconic project of a creative urban area east of Ho Chi Minh City. Customers interested in the project can visit the website for more information.


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