The 63 chickens suddenly died because the wedding music was too loud

Thought it was a joke, but the celebratory music was so loud that the chickens had a heart attack and died.

On November 21, a wedding ceremony took place in the state of Odisha (India), the crowd walked while launching fireworks, the music continued to follow the procession. When they passed a farm, they were asked by the owner of that place, Ranjit Kumar Parida, to turn down the music because it would scare away his chickens.

“Not only didn’t listen, the groom’s friend also got aggressive with me”, he was annoyed. Looking back, 63 of Parida’s chickens died from heart attacks. Sorry for the chickens he took care of, the farm owner sought the wedding organizers to claim compensation but was denied. In the end, he decided to call the police.

According to Suryakanta Mishra, a professor of zoology and author of a book on animal behavior, loud noise disrupts the circadian clock in birds, increasing the risk of heart disease. “The circadian rhythm of chickens depends on the natural light/dark cycle in a day. The music was so loud that it caused sudden excitement or tension, causing them to lose control.”, he said.


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