Tesla Model 3 electric car “transforms” giant crawler tank

Tesla makes great electric cars, and their sales figures are the best proof of this, but what the manufacturer American Tesla electric car can not currently offer a variety of personalization programs.All electric Teslas are essentially the same, and turning one into something special will take a lot of time, money, and a little bit of mind. create.“The Real Life Guys”, a popular YouTube channel from Germany that focuses on building various exotic vehicles, has just posted a video showing the process of them making one of the cars. Tesla goes to terrible terrain most ever. They took a Model 3 and built a subframe complete with giant tank tracks weighing 1 ton each. The YouTuber team took weeks to design and build the custom frame, which needed to be sturdy to not only support the weight of the car, but also keep everything nice and sturdy.It looks like they’ve done a good job of crafting a very solid chassis that will make the bike very efficient off-road, at least in theory.Unfortunately, they didn’t drive this crazy Tesla Model 3 in the video, so we don’t know how it actually works.With the excess ground clearance and traction gained from the large crawler system, it can be a superior off-road vehicle, capable of conquering all kinds of difficult terrain.What’s really cool about this idea is that it’s completely reversible if desired. “The Real Life Guys” didn’t cut into the original chassis or bodywork, and it looks like the new frame only attaches to the wheel hubs and still uses the stock Model 3 suspension, as well as additional suspension. additions they have integrated into the subframe.In a future video, this group of German boys will probably give the Tesla Model 3 monster off-road, and show everyone how powerful it really is when it comes to challenging terrain.Video: Watch the Tesla Model 3 electric car “transform” a crawler tank.


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