Terrified of the “living stone statues” in the lake of death Natron

If you’ve ever read the Greek legend about the monster Hydra, a half-human, half-snake creature that turns all animals to stone when looking into its eyes, then perhaps Lake Natron will show you the reality of death. What is petrification?

Photographer Nick Brandt visiting Lake Natron for the first time was shocked to see a series of living statues of various animals scattered here. Natron, the name of the lake, is also a natural compound arising from volcanic ash. Its activity is similar to the solution that the Egyptians prepared in mummification techniques. The pH in the lake’s water is similar to that of ammonia, from 9 to 10.5, the water temperature is up to 60 degrees Celsius in some places.

With such a harsh water environment, almost no animals can survive falling into this dangerous caustic acid lake. Birds or bats that plunge into the water will die instantly, and their bodies will contract in the final moments.

Flamingos are also among the victims found scattered in the lake when they venture to hunt in the place of death. Only a few species of invertebrates, algae and a few fish that live on the edge of the lake can survive in the harsh water environment here.

Photographer Nick Brandt has taken petrified living statues and placed them in the places where they once lived, to create haunting, lonely and chilling images like the strange land once inhabited. we imagine through Greek legend.

Almost no animals can survive falling into the acidic Natron lake

Live statues of animals that appear to have turned to stone while foraging in Lake Natron


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