Techcombank puts people at the heart of its development strategy

In the banking and finance sector, Techcombank is one of the leading companies in terms of average income per employee. Techcombank employees’ average seniority index is 4.5 years. This year, about 1,200 employees of Techcombank are honored with the seniority of 5-25 years with the bank.

Mr. Pham Quang Thang, Deputy General Director of Techcombank, said that the bank wants to build a working environment to firmly bond with its employees, and at the same time create conditions for everyone to have the opportunity to develop themselves and spirit of coordination.

With the aim of creating an open, modern and flexible working environment, facilitating new ideas, the bank built Techcombank Agile Center in Hanoi. This is a workspace where employees can choose any preferred area to promote their creativity when working, in a green space, with wifi throughout the building. Leaders and executives do not have private rooms but share common spaces with employees to connect teams and share ideas.

Techcombank staff teamwork at Techcombank Agile Center.

In addition to the working environment, Techcombank’s welfare policies are employee-centered. WeCare program gives employees a day off on their birthday, or each can choose flexible working hours to best optimize their personal life.

From the above conditions, Techcombank’s staff members have always tried their best to increase customer experience, said the bank’s representative.

Techcombank also invests heavily in applying technology to improve employee productivity and enhance customer experience. From 5 years ago, in the 2016-2020 strategy, Techcombank decided to pour 300 million USD to focus on technology. Currently, more than 85% of the bank’s transactions are done through digital utilities. The customer base continues to grow, with the number of new personal customers growing by 23.5% over the past 5 years.

Mr. Ho Hung Anh – Techcombank Chairman said: “We will focus heavily on the foundation, comprehensively digitize operations and operations to provide a comprehensive financial solution according to the journey of customer experience. “.

In the second half of 2020, Techcombank plans to invest about USD 150 million in information technology with the expectation that about 50% of Vietnamese people who do not have access to banking will know about digital financial services.

“It can be said that if the 20th century is a century of productivity and quantity, then 21 is a century of quality and prestige. The 27-year journey is creating momentum for Techcombank to become a reliable and cost-effective partner. value for employees, customers, partners and the community “, Mr. Ho Hung Anh emphasized.

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