Team Flash uses the strongest lineup in AIC 2020

Arena of Valor International Championship (Arena of Valor International Championship) may be the last tournament of defending champion Team Flash.

On the homepage, Team Flash announced the lineup to attend the Mobile AIC 2020 League including: Pham “Gau” Hong Quan (Caesar street), Tran “ADC” Duc Chien (forest road), Tran “XB” Xuan Bach (road middle), Do “Elly” Thanh Dat (dragon road), Tran “ProE” Quang Hiep (assistant).

Meanwhile, Nay “Daim” Thanh Trung and Dinh “Dat Koii” Tien Dat Team Flash registered as two reserve players.

“After the failure at APL 2020 and most recently the Winter Arena of Fame 2020, more than ever, Team Flash Lien Quan Mobile is in need of a title to confirm the position and level of the king they have built in the past. past “, the homepage of Cao Thu Lien Quan stressed.

At AIC 2020, Team Flash and Saigon Phantom are in group B. This is considered a “group of death” with the presence of strong teams such as MAD Team, Flash Wolves (Taiwan, China), Talon eSports ( Thailand) and Team Timing (Korea).

Meanwhile, Box Gaming is in Group A with Buriram eSports, POPS Bacon Time (Thailand), All Combo (China), Dunia Games (Indonesia), Hongkong Attitude (Taiwan, China).

The AIC 2020 group stage takes place in a circle competition format to select the 4 teams with the highest achievements in the quarterfinals. Therefore, the representatives of Lien Quan Mobile Vietnam have many opportunities to continue if there is no surprise.

On October 27, ADC jungler revealed that AIC 2020 would be the last tournament in which Team Flash participated. “Or if Team Flash Lien Quan Mobile continues, there will be no longer enough people that you already know,” ADC said.


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