Take a look at the entire history of the Maserati brand in just 4 minutes

Video: Maserati from A to Z.

Before the danger of disappearing and disappearing in the world, Maserati car maker made everyone surprised and made a big impression on everyone’s mind when revealing the brand new MC2 supercar, built on a new chassis for electric technology.

It’s also not the only electric vehicle coming to buyers, as Maserati aims to keep up with the times and apply new technology to its entire product line over the next five years. A new SUV called the Grecale is also under development, and the marketing team is working to bring attention to the new Trofeo. But that’s not all Maserati’s future.

“Maserati from A to Z” is a brief but informative history lesson, and a glimpse into the future of Maserati.

As busy as it is, Maserati still takes the time to compile a short film, and it is a perfect tribute to the past while emphasizing the brand’s future plans, including a sample. The new world-powered completely electric GranTurismo.

The video above was released to celebrate the company’s 106 years of age and is named “Maserati from A to Z“. As you can see in the video, each letter A through Z is used to light up a past, present, or future model, or to denote a desirable trait of the brand and vehicle. its people.

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In addition to reminiscent of its glorious past, Maserati also used the footage to reaffirm its commitment to electrical technology.

In the video, we see some beautiful pictures of Bora, a car that should be reworked for the 21st century. Besides recalling its glorious past, Maserati also uses the video to reaffirm her commitment with electrical technology, and emphasized the strong woman in her history.

If the music in the video sounds familiar, it’s a special “Maserati Mix” of Giorgio Moroder’s classic “The Chase”. In addition, when watching the video, pay attention to the letter S, the letter Maserati uses to highlight the sound, and increase the volume to listen. Overall, the video is quite engaging, elaborate and builds enthusiasm toward the brand, culminating in glimpses of futuristic models like the Grecale and the electric GranTurismo.


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