Taiwanese giant “bought” McLaren Senna LM limited to 20 units

The new McLaren Senna LM The line of supercars is not for the masses and of course, the British supercar company must give priority to “VIP” customers with the best McLaren collection to choose the buyer of the rare McLaren Senna LeMans version for worthy.That is why the image is one McLaren Senna LM supercar appearance in Taiwan has made car enthusiasts stunned by the willingness of the giants here. Not only choosing to buy the McLaren Senna LeMans supercar line, but the giant in Taiwan also asked the MSO team to transform the exterior of the car in 3 very colorful and impressive tones.Appearance piece million dollar super car McLaren Senna The first and possibly the only LM to come to Taiwan brings white and red paint and many yellow paint details to create accents. In addition, the exterior of the car also has many glossy carbon details.The car has a set of multi-spoke multi-spoke wheels painted in distinctive gold color, the tail wing is painted white with the Lemans (LM) logo on the sides or side of the car as an identification mark compared to the standard McLaren Senna and McLaren Senna GTR.McLaren Senna LM is created by MSO 3 main colors: white-red-yellow. In addition, the million-dollar McLaren Senna LM supercar has many different design details compared to the McLaren Senna or McLaren Senna GTR from the headlights, front / rear bumpers, side panels, rims or air cavities on the wheel arches. vehicle.The million-dollar McLaren Senna LM supercar is actually a more special version of the McLaren Senna, or the legal street version of the McLaren Senna GTR. McLaren Senna LeMans super product still uses V8 engine block, 4.0 liter capacity, double turbocharged similar to the standard version or McLaren 720S.However, this engine block, when mounted on the McLaren Senna LM, has a capacity of up to 814 hp, 25 hp higher than the standard McLaren Senna. The maximum torque of the car is 800 Nm. McLaren Senna LM has a time to accelerate from the starting position to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds. The exhaust pipes of the McLaren Senna LeMans version are all plated with 24k gold.Video: Details of the limited edition McLaren Senna LM supercar.


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