Suspected case of COVID-19 in Thanh Oai, Hanoi: Official information from the Ministry of Health

However, the hospital representative said, the hospital is still conducting isolation, monitoring this patient and continue to collect samples for testing tomorrow (March 26).

According to the Hanoi Department of Health, test results at Ha Dong General Hospital are only meaningful in terms of screening. Therefore, after having a positive screening test result, as a rule, the test sample of patient N. continues to be sent to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Ha. Internal to conduct tests.


Before that, patient N. was diagnosed with lobar pneumonia, heart failure, increased blood pressure and was indicated for 1 week treatment at Thanh Oai District General Hospital. Due to the persistent fever, by 10:00 on March 24, the patient was transferred to Ha Dong General Hospital. Here, when entering the Covid-19 screening clinic, the patient had no epidemiological factors and was transferred to the emergency medical department at 10:20 a.m. on the same day.

The patient was indicated X-ray, abdominal ultrasound, echocardiography. After that, she was transferred to the cardiology department for treatment and randomized testing due to the symptoms of cough and fever. Screening test results at Ha Dong General Hospital, patient positive for SARS-CoV-2.

After that, the patient was transferred to treatment isolation and conducted confirmatory sampling at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2. The test result confirmed that the patient’s patient sample was negative for SARS virus. – CoV-2.

As reported by the People’s Committee of Hanoi, from February 16, 2021 up to now, it has been 38 days since Hanoi has not recorded new cases in the community.

From January 27, 2021 up to now, medical facilities have screened 12,751 cases with symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath and tested for 6,150 suspected cases, the result is 1 case positive. (BN 2064 published), the rest were negative.

Regarding the vaccination against COVID-19, according to Hanoi, there are 8,000 doses. Up to now, the units have organized 6,690 injections for health workers directly involved in the examination and treatment of patients and staff in charge of investigation and handling cases … (reaching 94.3% compared to with initial registration).

“This week and next week, Hanoi will organize vaccination for the remaining subjects” – Mr. Hoang Duc Hanh – Deputy Director of the Department of Health of Hanoi said.

To be proactive in the work of surveillance and early detection of cases, Hanoi has directed units of the health sector to organize random tests in at-risk areas in the community. The results tested 3,931 people (out of the expected number of 4,000 people), all results are negative.

It is expected that this week and next week, the health sector will continue to collect samples for medical staff in the departments at risk and for serious patients, patients with underlying medical conditions, patients being treated at Faculties at risk, the test is expected to be completed by April 10.

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