Support packages need to be faster to create resilience for businesses to overcome difficulties

The promulgation of comprehensive policies on fiscal, monetary, insurance… has promptly encouraged the business community.

Businesses assessed that, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Government had a very quick response, introduced comprehensive policies on fiscal, monetary, insurance… Although the policies were assessed as useful benefits, but there is still a long distance from policy to actual implementation, requiring solutions to help support policies come to life faster. Mr. Mac Quoc Anh – Vice Chairman and General Secretary of the Hanoi Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, said so in an interview with the TBTCVN reporter about the Government’s support policies over the past time.

Reporter: How do you rate the internal resources and operational capabilities of enterprises in the city? Hanoi through consecutive epidemics in the past 2 years?

Mr. Mac Quoc Anh: From the beginning of 2020 until now, the Covid-19 epidemic has had a negative and heavy impact on the production and business of many enterprises, causing orders to decrease and production and business difficulties. With their efforts, many businesses have successfully overcome difficulties to maintain operations, create jobs for the society and contribute to stabilizing the economy.

In the context of the recent epidemic, most of the manufacturing industries in Vietnam were hurt by the disruption of supply chains. However, with good control of the epidemic, Vietnamese enterprises have a lot of advantages compared to enterprises in the same industry in foreign countries to compete better.

After the pandemic is over, the demand for production will increase again, although it will be slower than before the epidemic. Businesses that have participated and ensured the standards set in the international supply chain will still receive orders from partners.

It is forecasted that in 2021, with the epidemic situation continuing to be controlled in Vietnam and around the world, global production will return. To prepare for that period, in the past time, companies have focused on investing in machinery, personnel, and training to achieve high quality products that meet international standards. When enterprises achieve that standard, not only the domestic market but also abroad are much more favorable in participating in the supply chain of foreign enterprises and corporations.

The time after the epidemic is also the time when many businesses and manufacturers change their business and sales behavior. Therefore, in the coming time, companies will also promote the use of e-commerce, online shopping, and skill training for workers to enter this new game. Digital transformation is an important goal of enterprises in the coming period.

Reporter: To overcome the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic, to support businesses, the Government has recently had monetary, fiscal, social security policies… Government support packages for businesses have been implemented. How do businesses in Hanoi approach? Through the epidemic, how effective are these support packages for businesses?

Mr. Mac Quoc Anh: Enterprises assess that, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Government has reacted very quickly, with comprehensive policies on fiscal, monetary, insurance… Especially, the Government has also submitted to the National Assembly for approval. passed the resolution to cut corporate income tax by 30% for businesses mainly of small and medium size with a turnover of less than 200 billion VND/year to reduce in 2020. It can be said that this is a system of solution packages. Laws and policies are quite synchronous, unprecedented in Vietnam.

Supporting policies and the Government’s companionship in the context of Covid-19 are highly appreciated by businesses, especially fiscal policies such as the extension and postponement of value-added tax, income tax, and land rent. , the loosening policies on credit of banks. The survey results of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry show that some policies such as extending the payment of corporate income tax and extending the payment of value added tax are generally more accessible. Borrowing at 0% interest rate to pay wages to employees is considered the most difficult policy to access.

It can be said that the issuance of the above policies has promptly encouraged and motivated the Vietnamese business community. However, the policies issued in response to the emergency state have revealed shortcomings and need to be adjusted to fit the “new normal”.

For example, businesses think that, with some policies to support employees, most businesses do not benefit because the accompanying support conditions are difficult to implement such as the number of employees leaving work, the revenue of enterprises … then, the revised documents and instructions, only expand the subject, but do not change the guarantee conditions for receiving support. This is one of the reasons why the policy has not been consistent with reality.

Reporter: Thus, the policies are considered useful, but there is still a long distance from the policy to the actual implementation. In order for support policies to come to life faster, to promptly support businesses in the coming time, what solutions do you think should be?

Mr. Mac Quoc Anh: Government support packages are necessary, but businesses expect this support to be deployed as quickly as possible, reaching businesses to create resilience for businesses to overcome difficulties.

At the same time, all levels of the industry must improve administrative procedures more quickly, transparent and complete information on criteria and procedures for receipt … so that the supports can reach businesses soon. . In addition, the right beneficiaries must be identified with relevant and specific criteria. In particular, it is necessary to closely monitor the use of support sources to ensure the effectiveness of the policy…

PV: Thank you sir!

Oriented in 2021, companies will continue to expand their business and production. However, as small and medium-sized enterprises (enterprises), units need the support of the State, creating favorable conditions for enterprises in borrowing capital, renting land, concentrating resources for development, thereby promoting production. , increase labor productivity to create finished products, reduce costs more in line with market demand.

Supermarket system GO! and Big C will consume 100 tons of agricultural products, supporting Bac Giang farmers( – In the face of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic that made agricultural products of Bac Giang province difficult in terms of product output, on May 25, 2021, Big C and GO!, members of Central Retail Group decided to implement the program “Accompanying Bac Giang farmers”.

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