Supercar Audi R8 with “terrible” PPI Razor package is re-exported in Saigon

The Audi R8 is the most popular and popular supercar from the German car brand, with 2 versions Audi R8 V8 and R8 V10 Plus. The Audi R8 has a softer design than its rival Huracan, perhaps so this car is not as attractive as its rival. However, not so that R8 is not popular with customers.Thanks to the appearance quite “often” in the blockbuster movie series from Marvel, the ones Audi R8 super car still has a firm foothold in the hearts of fans. The cars must be mentioned such as the Audi R8 E-tron used by Iron Man, or the appearance of the R8 in the Avengers Age Of Ultron or the R8 in the movie Captain America: Civil War.Audi R8 first generation It was one of the supercars that sparked the supercar movement in Vietnam, alongside other brands like Lamborghini or Ferrari at that time. Therefore, the number of the first generation Audi R8 ever brought to Vietnam is not small.In addition, among these, there are also some cars that the owner chooses to upgrade with expensive packages from brands such as Prior Design, the degree package from the Regula Tuning brand or the car with the PPI upgrade package. Razor below.This R8 was installed with the PPI Razor build package in 2015. This is a build package that gives the car a completely new look with the front bumper designed to remove the old grille parts, the rear bumper of the car. is completely changed with the new design. The degree package also brings the widebody cladding, expanding the width of the car.The two body cladding parts are also changed with panels to help lower the height of the car, thereby giving the version an impressive appearance. Originally, when the package was installed, the car also had a large carbon spoiler, but after a period of use, this detail was removed.The degree package gives the car a lot of carbon details such as two body panels, the new cap of the car with a fake wind cavity design is also made entirely of carbon material. The front and rear lights have also been replaced by LED lights with different patterns compared to the basic lighting system on the first generation R8. The car is upgraded with an exhaust system from the Capristo brand that brings a strong, powerful sound to a powerful V8 engine.In order to improve the version, the car has also been selected by the owner of Asanti wheels with a size of up to 20 inches. This set of 5-spoke wheels is designed with curved spokes, thick rimmed rim and this rim is painted with a glossy black center, the rim is painted white in combination with the overall appearance of the degree version.Currently, the car carries a matte white paint color that matches the distinctness package. The car is equipped with prominent red brake shackles, “tone sur tone” with some other details of the car such as the car logo parts, logo signifying the version. Originally, the car belongs to the V8 engine version with a capacity of 4.2 Liters with the ability to produce 420 horsepower at 7,800 rpm and maximum torque of 430 Nm at the rpm. 4,500-6,000 rpm.Thanks to the Quattro 4-wheel drive system, this sports car only takes 4.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h and has a top speed of 301 km / h. This is also an extremely rare occasion this famous supercar appears on the street after a long absence. The car used to have time to put on a deep matte black coat before the owner switched to a matte white paint layer and details such as the wheels were also repainted with the same color scheme.Video: Touching the Audi R8 PPI Razor at the Capristo in Saigon.


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